I’m reminded of a sticker right now. It said “The most active thing about me is my imagination”. Procrastination and I have been in a relationship for a long time. Every now and then the two of us are known to escape together to a magical wonder land where a ticking clock cannot intrude. But that doesn’t mean I’ve never tried to initiate a break-up. Rummage through my bag and you will surely find scraps of paper with some form of a to-do list. I’m a huge fan of them. If it’s not a grocery list or one to do with bills that need to be paid, it could be the innumerable projects and resolutions I wish to strike through someday. The key word here being someday; resolution, too, actually.

Talking about someday, it is not as claustrophobic as a timetable, I feel. And as far as resolutions are concerned, I used to avoid them. The two of us were incompatible, you see. But it all changed with the pandemic. As I stepped off the so-called hamster-on-the-wheel existence and found myself with extra time to reflect and ruminate, I ended up making a few of them – completing a five-year-old embroidery project and finishing Ayn Rand’s magnum opus Atlas Shrugged. Lesson learned: you are setting yourself up for failure the moment you take on too many complex jobs at the same time.

While I did complete the embroidery project, I’m still in couldn’t-be-bothered state to finish the book. Someday.

But that’s not where it ends. Thanks to the finished embroidery job, I got overambitious. Before I could leash in my thoughts, the list had grown exponentially. It was terrifying and overwhelming. The only way to deal with the monstrosity was to let it get sucked in by the black hole – my bag. The list has found its final resting place.

I think, I should share this note with Suresh Menon. Poor man is struggling with his to-do list.

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