1. Young and happy

Being from an Indian society, I have been taught that age is always a barrier to how happy you are supposed to be. They say during your childhood, you the happiest, during your teen years you are supposed to be focused on your studies and forget something like happiness exists, and once you are married and get a job, happiness just becomes a myth. Teresa Albin

2. Wisdom is a damper

In my perception, happiness is not related to age. As a kid, you are oblivious of the world and its happenings, so you are happy. Then you get engaged in your studies, getting job, having a family, settling down etc. Though happiness is involved in every stage, you don’t have the time to identify or realise it. Only when you get to an age, you unwind and look back and try to analyse whether you have been happy through your life’s journey or not. And then you try to work towards being happy, as you don’t know how long you are going to live. Sunanda Mohan

3. Be positive

Just like how there are two sides to a coin, happiness is not related to age. There are old people who are cheerful as well as those who are dejected, teenagers who are jovial as well as those suffering from mental illnesses. According to me, happiness lies in one’s perception towards life. Always think positive, and you’re surely in the pursuit to happiness. Varshini Tamil Selvan

4. Happiness is a choice

I don’t think happiness is related to an age because it is a matter of choice. Young or old, happiness is what you make of it. Ageing is just an added number in your life from God. As I grow older it enables me to learn and explore. It is a choice if I want to be stressed and to worry on things which I am not sure will happen. Ma Teresa Sanchez Edpan

5. Don’t worry be happy

Happiness is a state of being satisfied or pleased with what you have. I firmly believe, the happiness is related to age. The reason being a recent study, displaying that people between the age of 18 and 33 were the most stressed, or unhappy. I think, that happiness increases with age, because, research shows that from the age of 50 onwards, people generally tend to become happier, and worry less. Bhavya Sharma

6. Freedom is key

Wisdom may come with age but the happiness is always with us and we express it with different emotions. Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness in my opinion. Wajeeha Ali

7. Joy has no reason

Our happiness, I believe, depends upon our mindset and not our age. Happiness is something we feel and it cannot be attained by age or experience. If we wish to be happy we can be at anytime, anywhere and at any age regardless of situations and people. Sreelekshmi Subhash

8. Stay true

Happiness is an abstract feeling one can have at any age. The reason for happiness might change over time but happiness is always the measure of one’s mental wealth. As someone once said “Age is nothing but a number!” No matter how old or young you are, everyone deserves to be happy and anyone can be happy if they follow their hearts with the guidance of their minds. Age cannot determine happiness it only determines the number of candles on your birthday cake. Ann Albin

9. Not really. Being content is the key to happiness. Always! Sureshbabu Bandi

10. The reason matters

Yes I do believe that happiness is related to age. For example, if you give an infant a toy it makes him happy. Around early childhood when desires are fulfilled they become happy. Around late childhood when they achieve success in their studies they are happy. Teenagers if given the technological advance gadget like the mobile phone are happy. In young adulthood offering a job of your choice is happiness. Middle adulthood when job satisfaction is achieved by means it is happiness. Late adulthood if time spent with family and friends of their age it is happiness. Make every moment a cheerful one. Sanvi Somani