I don’t like vegetables. Is there anyway I can skip including them in my meal plans? Is there a substitute for avocado?

Tough luck with the veggies. There is no replacement for vegetables in your diet. If you don’t like them, then you have to give up wanting the desire to have great skin, good hair and a healthy metabolism. Eating vegetables is one way you can increase the amount of nutrients your body gets without increasing the amount of calories.

You get more nutrients in every calorie when you eat your vegetables. You don’t have to have them raw. Sometimes raw vegetables can in fact cause you to feel gassy and bloat your gut. You can have them cooked, as a stir fry, as a soup, chop them up and make them into a patty and fry it in coconut oil.

You can use egg whites to bind them or even smashed lotus stem. You can also chop them really fine and toss it all up in a tomato-based pasta sauce without the refined pasta in it. Another option is to bake vegetables and dip it into salsa or guacamole. Figure out a way that works best for you, but ideally if you are looking to get healthier, you must eat your veggies.

Eating avocado gives you great quality fat. Eating good fat can help you burn fat by sensitising your body to insulin and also helping you balance your hormones that play a key role in fat metabolism.

Healthy fat also has gut healing powers and 80 per cent of the hormone serotonin which is a happy hormone is secreted in your gut! Avocados can be an acquired taste and if you’ve given it enough tries and still do not like it you can try other forms of good fat like coconut chunks, coconut meat, organic ghee, organic butter, coconut butter, almond butter, olives or tahina.