I don’t know when, why, how it happened, but I’ve come to a conclusion that over the years the number seven has managed to squeeze its way up the self-help number game and now reigns over the mind-over matter realm.

To illustrate my point, here are two books with the number seven in their title – one is by British hypnotist and behavioural scientist Paul McKenna, who proclaims we can change our lives in seven days (he also claims he can make us thin and rich too – through two separate books, of course), and the other is The 7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen Covey. Both the books occupy top positions on the self-help podium, which makes me wonder if the number seven has got anything to do with it. 

But these books are not the premise of my note today.

I’m building a case for the well-quoted study on first impression, which says that most often it does not take more than seven seconds to make a lasting first impression. Did you just gasp with aghast? I did too. However you slice it, it sounds cruel. If you are guilty of judging people that fast, then clearly you are too supercilious and God forbid if you are on the other side of this theory – the one being judged – then you better have your A game on at all times. Never let that polished veneer slip, for you never know who’s watching you, much less judging you.

As Wendy Shaw, Dubai-based certified trainer of mBraining, NLP and hypnosis coach, admits she rejected a job hopeful one time when she found her “slouched on a sofa, scrolling through her phone: No awareness of me or others and very much in full view of the team”. Ouch.

The job aspirant needs to read Deepak Chopra’s The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success:...

(Don’t mind me today, I’m just being cheeky...)

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