American actress and comedienne Betty White once said, "Does desire melt away with age? I’m waiting for that day to come." To give you perspective, Betty White turned 98 at the start of the year. The star of the hit TV show The Golden Girls, Betty is said to have the longest television career of any entertainer, spanning more than 80 years. That is some shelf-life for an actor.

While the sceptics might call her plain lucky, I put my hands together for her positive attitude, inherent gratitude for what she has and self-deprecatory sense of humour.

That, I guess, is all that we need to live a truly happy, fulfilled life.

Some of you might say a healthy bank balance and a perfect family will improve our chances of staying happy, and I might or might not agree, but on a serious note, I believe it is positive attitude which is the key to a life well lived.

Why, you ask? I’ll explain with another example.

Boris Johnson’s father Stanley Johnson. Just like Betty White, Stanley too has an undiminished zest for life (read his story) and "still feels full of vigour and energy and enterprise". A well-known environmentalist and author 26 books – including a two-volume autobiography – Stanley is now busy reading, learning a new language and planning for the future.

While reading the interview, what struck me the most was the fact that Stanley is unafraid of mortality. The octogenarian says he never thought he would live to see this age, so every day he lives to see, he says is a bonus.

Coming to think of it, that is also an interesting take on happiness – carpe diem.

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