Just like how it has been for many of you, for me too these past few months have been a cause of extreme emotional upheaval. Anxiety pangs, persistent sense of uncertainty and bouts of self-doubt have plagued me, compelling me to retreat within and find a way to leash my turmoils. It hasn’t been easy.

As we scrape the bottom of the barrel of hope, looking for any debris of happiness to save us from sinking into the black hole of pessimism, I find myself relying on the power of prayer to take me through. I call it that rope which will pull me out from the morass of vicissitude that has befallen upon us.

To quote what Anthony Hopkins’ character in the film The Two Popes says, ‘Perhaps I need a spiritual hearing aid.’ At this point in time, we all need one, a spiritual hearing aid that is. And prayer, I believe is just that. It allows us to hear our inner voice, helps us find calm as we surrender to its strength and, most importantly, keeps us centered.

As we look for answers for our heightened fears and fractured confidence, let us all travel within, our prayers guiding us, to find our courage to resuscitate ourselves from the ashes of despair.

Ramadan Kareem.

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