It is a well-known fact, or should I say ironical, that my social media presence is a joke, considering I am supposed to be a media person. Nothing intentional, just laziness, I think. Although there are days when I tend to give myself some undue importance and believe it is self-deprecation – I have nothing exciting to share. Whatever be the case, the result is it doesn’t take much for me to slip into a silo space – a mental cave where I believe nothing and no one else exists.

These past 48 days have proved otherwise. Mine as well as Friday’s inbox have been inundated with messages from old and new readers, all saying what the magazine means to them and how much they and their families have missed the ritual of reading it in parts and in whole; of holding it and holding on to it.

While this bittersweet experience not just proved me wrong, it was heartening and humbling to know the love and respect this magazine has earned over the decades.

This first issue of Friday Lite after this period of hibernation is a result and a tribute to that love and loyalty.

Please continue writing in with your thoughts and opinions. Happy Eid.

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