Scientists would have us believe that we wouldn’t be where we are if their community did not exist. While there might be some truth in it, after all they did invent all the luxuries that we cannot do without and made sense of some of nature’s most mystifying phenomena, but I beg to differ.

At times I feel in their effort to decipher some of the big and small ‘puzzles’, these scientists desensitise it all making life a byproduct of chemical equations and mathematical figures. Basically they are killjoys.

I know I am treading on slippery ground here, questioning the invaluable contribution of these genius minds. But don’t you also think life is like a beautiful work of art – evoking innumerable emotions, taking us on a journey that is all the more exhilarating and euphoric because of the mysteries we unfold in the process? And people are no different. Each one of us is a complex cocktail of characteristics – not chemicals – that make us unique and therefore intriguing.

Have you started wondering where am I going with this train of thought? I can only tell you when it all started. It began when I read the article ‘How to stop stress getting the better of you’, which highlights the role of our dietary habits, exercise routine, sleep hygiene and all other lifestyle-related choices on our stress levels and the immunity system, and vice versa.

In the article, renowned immunologist Sheena Cruickshank – a scientist, of course – says, "If chronic stress is persistently high, the stress hormone cortisol can impact the way your lymphocytes function, which can make them less able to deal with infection."

Do you see my point? I wish I could steal their dictionary.

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