Don’t you think we should’ve written about it long ago, or when the pandemic had just started, I asked Anand, my colleague, as we sat down to discuss the editorial plan for this issue and he suggested that we include an article on how Covid-19 has had an indelible impact on relationships, especially marriages, across the world.

"It’s never too late," he replied.

But hasn’t the damage been done already," I argued. "International media is filled with reports of how divorce rates and cases of domestic violence have seen a sharp increase across the world this year," I pointed out.

"But the article could hopefully salvage those marriages that are on the brink. Even if it has a positive impact on one marriage, we’ve done our job," he added.

Not willing to give up that easily, I asked, "Aren’t we trivialising an issue that deserves serious research, fact check and viewpoints from a battery of experts and counsellors?" After all, the article we have is mostly anecdotal, I said.

That’s the idea, he emphasised, his eyes now beginning to roll in slight exasperation. "We need an article that humanises the issue. Makes one believe that they are not the only ones facing these choppy waters. Social isolation does that you know," he said. Plus, don’t you think it’s too soon to make an objective judgement on how Covid-19 really has impacted relationships, he further asked.

The result? The article sees the light of day on the Friday Lite November 20 issue. A one-sided piece mostly, garnished with wisdoms curated from personal experiences and those of significant others, plus what the experts have to say, it offers a lot of takeaways, I believe.

Also, we don’t need bitter medicines in life all the time, if a sweet one helps then why not?

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