The ‘to do’ list was long and I had sincere intentions of crossing out each of the items on it. After all what are holidays for if not for achieving all that you’ve been wanting to do for a long time, I asked myself. From cooking a feast from scratch, finding that missing earring to cleaning up my cupboard, and booking an appointment for a much-needed haircut, it was all there in the grand plans.

And then the evil claws of inertia emerged from nowhere and gripped my good intentions. Before I could even realise it, sloth took over and I found myself glued to my corner of the sofa. The television remote got stuck to my right hand and the left hand got busy scratching my head filled with guilt for not finding the will power to heave myself up and get going. Minutes melted into hours and eventually into days, and I began to stare at the prospect of regretting the time gone by and the opportunities lost.

Scrambling to make good on my plans, I did cook, albeit a one-pot meal, which I told myself was more comforting than any feast; cleaned a shelf in my wardrobe that needed immediate attention and as far as the remaining items on the list are concerned, they have now been given a promotion – they now find a pride of place in my new year resolution list.

Sloth and me are soulmates, I admit with no pride. And as Kate Mulvey validates in this feature, I admit with no shame too. Does it make me less of a person I could’ve been? Maybe. Am I happy with the compromise? Well, I would say I am definitely not sad.

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