ARIES March 20 – April 18

Lifestyle, Career and Goals

Patience isn’t your strength. What’s more, with exciting if unexpected, developments reshaping elements of your life, daily routine or professional setting, you’re eager to take advantage of these promising events.

Your ability to take the initiative, even in difficult situations, is an asset. Still, move too swiftly now and you could be committed to plans or ventures when the amazing events promised by the link between Uranus, which is in Aries, and the planet of achievement, Saturn, takes place on November 11.

Between now and then, therefore, declutter your life and eliminate ideas that are taking up your time but are going nowhere.

This review will also help you spot which settings and pursuits are past their peak and, better yet, shift your focus to what shows promise. If you work, this means thinking through, then suggesting, new ideas. Between your fiery enthusiasm and restless courage, you’re happiest juggling a range of tasks. First, rid yourself of unproductive activities, then invest that passion in pursuits that will be as rewarding as they are exciting.


The next year promises to be rewarding for you, in terms of finances and your assets. And what you learn during the last half of 2017 will have a great deal to do with what you achieve. But frustratingly for you, what’s most promising involves others – from colleagues to co-workers or business partners – and their insistence on investigating the facts in detail will cause delays as irritating as they are worrying.

Yet, as you’ll have learnt during the year’s first half, that process of questioning reveals crucial facts. Teamwork remains crucial. The accent is on working closely with others, so whatever you’re pursuing, teamwork will be a big part of the process, although the clash between fortunate Jupiter and Uranus, which is in Aries, on September 28, could make you question these alliances. It’s a good time to explore, meet new people and learn about recent developments. You may stick with what you have, but if so, it will be with a fresh conviction.

Family and Relationships

For you, as an intense, passionate Aries, your approach to life is ‘all or nothing’. This means that when you’re involved with family, loved ones or even friends, that commitment is total and you expect the same from others. The fact is, your sheer zest for life adds something special to each of 
those links.

However, you can’t give that degree of attention, enthusiasm or affection to everybody, all the time. While that juggling act is nothing new, during the last half of 2017, it could turn into emotional dramas, where either certain individuals complain they’re not getting enough attention or you succumb to the stress caused by these conflicts.

The emotionally intense Aries Full Moon on October 5 not only brings these to a head, but gives you good reason to talk over any such issues. Ordinarily your impulse would be to brush these aside, hoping things will go better. However, your instincts will correctly say that an investment in frank extended discussions will pay off big time. This applies as much to those seeking alliances.

Your eclipse Breakthrough

Sudden events or happy encounters teach you to make time for what, and who, you love a priority.

Health and Well-being

Being born under the rulership of Mars, the planet of action and, as those who know you well would agree, competition, exercise doesn’t just benefit you physically, it improves your mood. Yet, bizarrely, there are two distinct types of Aries. The first has an instinctive understanding that exercise of some variety and the right kind of food are crucial. However, the other type never seems to have time to undertake those beneficial activities. During late 2017, events, combined with joint activities of some kind will do the trick. By mid-October, you’ll be moving a lot, and be so much better you’ll develop what could be termed a ‘positive addiction’ to action, if not sport. For all Aries, it’s time to review your diet, especially being alert to hidden sugars.

TAURUS April 19 – May 19

Lifestyle, Career and Goals

There are many varieties of successes, and during the past 12 months, since September 2016, when the fortunate Jupiter moved to accent your life, you began a cycle of growth and exploration.

Of course, it may not have seemed that way initially. At first you were put in one unexpected, strange or unwelcome situation after another. Only now that you’re looking back on these is it clear how much you’ve learnt, who you’ve met and how events broadened your horizons.

So now, with August’s two eclipses introducing yet more that’s unfamiliar, you’ll recognise those surprises as opportunities, if in disguise. The secret is to explore everything, including what holds little promise or, perhaps, you’re sure you’d hate. Maybe. But circumstances have changed and so, too, have you.

If it’s about work, possibly redefining your role, give it a try. If it’s about a new daily regime, dare to be different. In every case, this is preparing you for the experiences and encounters that will improve your life. While some will be no surprise, others will be as unexpected as, ultimately, they’ll be thrilling.


You quite rightly pride yourself on your ability to maintain your cool, and your much admired clear perspective, even when there’s confusion around you and others are anxious, if not struggling to impose order on chaos.

While you might feel just as uneasy, you long ago learnt there’s nothing to be gained by – to use 
the clever phrase – turning a crisis into a drama. Rather, you’ll withdraw quietly, consider realistic options, then take action on whatever seems wisest.

Yet, as you’ll already have noticed, this year is about venturing into new and often very unfamiliar territory, but in terms of making and dealing with money. True, the way this side of life functions is changing. But most Taureans, whether in or out of the financial business, will select a range of investments that mix the safe or traditional methods with a few exciting and possibly unproven ventures. It’s the same with your skills or talents. Often you’ll need to renegotiate.

What’s most important, and ultimately beneficial are those situations where events draw you into new activities, ways of thinking and even working. Far out, if not unrealistic, as these seem initially, ultimately you’ll recognise how profitable they are.

Family and Relationships

As a Taurus, and somebody ruled by the planet that accents relationships of all varieties, Venus, you invest a lot of thought, time, energy, and most importantly heart, into creating and maintaining healthy alliances with those around you. In fact, others are drawn to you because of this charm and your caring attitude.

Yet when tensions arise, as they will have around the time of eclipses during the first half of 2017, on February 11 and 26, you were unsure what to say or do. Since then, you’ve been able to observe both the situations others were dealing with and, equally, when the moment was right, you encouraged them to talk and you did a lot of listening.

So now, as you’re looking ahead to the year’s second half, you’re optimistic. The fact is, it’s about finding a new balance, both in family and longstanding relationships. But in those that are new or, if you’re seeking somebody special, patience is essential.

On October 10, the fortunate Jupiter moves to accent all such alliances, and from that point onward, while tensions will melt, new, often unexpected and life-enhancing encounters will restore your faith in life – and in love.

Your eclipse Breakthrough

Issues on the domestic or work front reach a head, then lead to constructive discussions and profitable, if completely unexpected, breakthroughs.

Health and Well-being

The theme for you at the moment is not so much about being healthy, that is, eating right and going to the gym regularly, as it is about learning to live a life you enjoy, which includes looking after your physical well-being. This joyous approach of health is gradually replacing the old ‘tough love’ attitude, one that combined denial food-wise and a military routine when it comes to exercise. While a few Taureans respond well to this rigid lifestyle, you prefer your meals and movement to be pleasant. And this is exactly what you’re learning about. So that exercise may involve something as dramatic as fencing or, a regular evening of salsa dancing. It’s the same with food. This allows you to monitor what you’re eating and your exercise, to ensure they’re in balance, but have some fun doing it. Probably the best description of it is one that suits you, as a Taurus, and that is developing the art of ‘having it all.’

GEMINI May 20 – June 20

Lifestyle, Career and Goals

Nobody is better at spotting the latest place to go, music to listen to or dining spot than you. This isn’t about being trendy, chic or indulging yourself in expensive pleasures. The inquisitive side of your nature has a rare and amazing capacity to tune into what’s happening, whether it’s a foreign cuisine or fitness regime. This is the case with life’s practicalities, business matters and the relationships involved there, too.

However, since 2015, when stern Saturn moved to accent close alliances, in both personal and business elements of your life, your own obligations have required you demand others be cautious, or the limitations of others have restricted your options.

While annoying initially, these situations forced you to get creative. This broadened your horizons in terms of people and ideas. This also forced you to recognise those arrangements that once benefited you but are increasingly restrictive.

Consequently, you’re already in a period of exploration. The trick is to focus on exactly that, who you meet and what you learn. It may not be until the Gemini Full Moon, on December 3, that the nature of these future alliances will be clear. Knowing that, until then, make exploration your priority.


While you can be very impatient when it comes to your lifestyle and the indecisiveness of certain individuals drives you crazy, when it comes to the financial side of your life it is another matter. Once you have a plan, you’ll stick with it. In fact because you’re so interested in the activities of others, many are surprised how well you can budget, whether saving for an expensive holiday or to buy your home.

During the last half of 2017, you’ll also need to add teamwork to that list of virtues. Although you’ll often seek the advice of those whose views you respect when exploring matters such as salary discussions, investments or important purchases, you’ll frequently customise their suggestions, adding a Gemini twist.

Now, however, such deals are about togetherness, whether at home or with family, or with a joint fund. Whatever the case, benefiting from their collective wisdom and, possibly, clout means being willing to go along with their decisions too. Annoying as this may be initially, you soon realise you’re benefiting from their experience and wisdom. Better, when you’re facing December’s sudden changes, ideas or offers, you’ll be both financially able and well-informed enough to deal with them wisely.

Family and Relationships

During the year’s first half, you faced a range of tricky situations and conflicts with everybody – from close friends to family and loved ones. While initially confusing, you soon realised that you’d changed, in terms of your thinking and priorities, 
and so had others, but you hadn’t stopped to note those changes and, still less, rethink your relationship. This may sound worrying, but really it’s about talking things over and updating what you expect from each other, what you do together and plan for the future.

Having learnt from these discussions, and occasionally clashes, you’ll spend much of the last half of this year exploring new things to do and places to go. This turns those once-worrying issues into excitement about the future.

You don’t think of it, but you can become a creature of habit, going to the same places and, often, with the same people. Now it’s time for breakthroughs. Those Geminis who’re looking for somebody special would benefit from adopting this approach, too, in the sense of going new places, or perhaps travelling with a group you don’t know. All Geminis will benefit from broadening their horizons, in terms of their thinking, their lifestyle and their activities.

Your eclipse Breakthrough

Ideas to discover, people to meet, places to go. While you’re familiar with some, many will be so new that exploring them will be an adventure.

Health and Well-being

One of your greatest virtues is your interest in others. As a result, you’re good company and always know what’s going on, in your circle of friends and in the world around you. However, in the process you forget to look after yourself. This can mean you forget to eat, don’t get enough sleep, then crash to make up for it and, equally, intend to exercise but never get around to it. Happily, from October 10, you’ll benefit from the expansive influence of Jupiter on exactly this side of your life. This suggests that circumstances, such as a change in where you live or work, or perhaps a new relationship, will connect you with the variety of people, ideas and places you need to get you excited about looking after your well-being. What’s best about this is, that in many cases, what you discover or learn, won’t just benefit you during the last half of this year, but will bring you benefits for the rest of your life.

CANCER June 21 – July 21

Lifestyle, Career and Goals

The theme for you, for July, August and September, is one you may initially find difficult, if not challenging. It’s putting yourself first. While many Cancerians are passionate about certain activities and pursuits, which can involve everything from some element of home life to career, this is often balanced with a situation in which one particular obligation or longstanding commitment, or sometimes even a hobby, devours time, money and may create tensions with others. The presence of Mars, planet of focus, in Cancer from June to July 20, will have raised timely questions about these activities and your priorities. This means you’re in the midst of a powerful review, personally, professionally and in terms of long-range goals. It may even be that destiny, in the form of non-negotiable changes, prompts this rethink. Whatever the case, recognise that this is about breakthroughs, which could include leaving familiar habits behind you. The sooner you let these go, the more swiftly you’ll begin exploring the new, unfamiliar avenues of activity opening up. Be bold. Some may seem so new you’ve no idea where to begin. Have faith. Each step will lead to the next one.


In 2015 the practical Saturn moved to accent your day-to-day routine or job, if you go to one, and most of all, the balance between your activities and the return you get for your efforts. What does this have to do with money? For a Cancerian, a lot. That’s because, as an intuitive yet sensitive water sign, you sometimes confuse anxieties about life and concerns about money. During the last half of 2017, you’ll be untangling these, and in numerous situations. If you have a career or even earn money with a part time job or hobby, you’ll have faced challenges which, in turn, have forced you to review how wisely you use your time. Add August’s two eclipses, on the 7th and 21st, which shake things up, and what’s least expected could bring exactly the breakthrough you’ve been needing, and in a form you’d never have anticipated. The secret is to explore every idea or offer, including those of little interest, which are impractical or would lead to major changes. First, this is about exploration, not committing to anything. Second, the ideas and people you encounter will contribute to your wealth and well-being, but how probably won’t be clear until much later in the year.

Family and Relationships

At its core, Cancer is the sign of growth, whether it’s a family, a garden or a business. While many Cancerians come from large, loving and noisy families, and so form relationships that mirror that warm and chaotic atmosphere, as many grew in tight-knit and, occasionally, complicated settings that prompted a search for something more nourishing. There are as many tales of childhood as there are Cancerians, yet whatever the background, 2017 has been a time of questioning, making changes and yet more questioning. While this is unsettling, it triggers discussions with everybody from close emotional ties to colleagues and even neighbours. Tempting as it is to look for that perfect formula for living and loving, this is about learning to recognise the potential in the unexpected and, better yet, the opportunity for breakthroughs, personally, with those closest, in life itself and all that its twists and turns offer. Expect those that are most important from October 10 onward, when bountiful Jupiter moves to accent relations with those closest, and brings warm rewards for having the courage to raise, and discuss, sensitive matters from the heart. The benefits of these conversations will ripple out into the lives of those around you.

Your eclipse Breakthrough

Discovering it’s time to shift your focus from once-rewarding pursuits and recognising the promise others hold, often in surprising settings.

Health and Well-being

Every once in a while, something you read, an offhand discussion or even a moment’s reflection makes it clear that a change isn’t just a good idea, it’s necessary. If you haven’t already experienced that sense of the need to rethink certain elements of your life, you will. You’re in the midst of a cycle that’s about discovery. However, these adventures aren’t about a search in the world around you for new and exciting pursuits but, rather, a new way of looking after yourself, physically, in terms of nutrition, mentally and even emotionally. Yet, none of this is about a regime you’ve read about in a magazine or that latest carb-free diet a friend has adopted, and is boasting about. It’s about discovering how to live in a way that truly nourishes you, that agrees with your body, mind and emotions. One that evolves as you do. This is because for you, as an intuitive water sign, health isn’t as much about being somebody else’s idea of a physical shape or an ideal of happiness as it is about discovering what it’s like to truly understand what nurtures you. This isn’t a formula but about forming a new relationship with yourself, one that will grow in love and joy, with every day of your life.

LEO July 22 – August 21

Lifestyle, Career and Goals

As a resilient, enthusiastic fire sign, you’re equipped for the dynamic months to come. While August’s two powerful eclipses influence every sign, and the move by both Jupiter and Saturn into new positions will inevitably alter arrangements in your world, the lives of others, as well as your own day to day existence and career, work or even regular commitments.

Expect surprises and be prepared for circumstances to shift, possibly several times. Initially, these events will seem disruptive. You can be a creature of habit and so will be annoyed or, possibly, even battle changes you regard as pointless. 
Once you learn more, you’ll recognise the benefits you’ll gain from working in a new setting, being around different people or, possibly, learning new skills. The more you broaden your horizons, creatively, professionally or both, the more optimistic you’ll feel about the potential these changes hold.

The ideas or events that are reshaping this side of your life could come in stages, the first triggered by August’s Leo solar eclipse but then yet more by the fortunate Jupiter’s move to accent the structure of your life, on October 22. However you look at it, you’re in for excitement, if not in need of this kind of adventure you’ve been craving.


As a luxury-loving Leo, finding the line between savouring life’s pleasures, both in where and how you live, dine and party, and adopting a practical approach to finances can be challenging. This has been especially the case over the past year, because certain activities were crucial for family, career or even education but were also costly.

With practical Saturn moving to accent how you live in late December, you’ll begin a cycle during which you’ll rethink both what you choose to do, and the costs of important activities and even investments.

While what you learn during this cycle will be profitable, both in terms of what you discover and financial benefits, this will require time, patience and often a willingness to listen to the advice of others – something you dislike doing.

Still, what you learn as 2017 comes to an end and as you live out the following two years will benefit you for your entire lifetime. Not only will this period hone your financial and investment skills, you’ll learn to be patient, a virtue you’ll benefit from in every area of your life.

Family and Relationships

Family, close friends, some colleagues and even on occasion, neighbours take a unique place in the lives of Leos. All of these relationships are in flux, mostly because circumstances are themselves in transition. As much as you enjoy exciting times and a touch of glamour, as a Leo, you thrive on routine, sometimes getting into the habit of seeing certain people, and often in the same place, on one particular day of the week.

While that’s fun and pleasurable, it can also prevent you from venturing out into new territory, in terms of your world and experiences. The current planetary setup gives you a timely push to make those changes, at first including new people in that routine, then possibly, in going somewhere unfamiliar.

Inevitably this will lead to new encounters, and to ideas that broaden your horizons, along with those who mean so much to you. While disruptive initially, these new shared experiences add a much needed excitement to your life and those of others. Looking for that somebody special? This is the perfect setup for making that happen, too.

Your eclipse Breakthrough

Although the powerful solar eclipse is in Leo on August 21, the changes it brings may have begun or, alternatively, won’t be immediately recognisable. Explore everything. What’s least expected could be most magical.

Health and Well-being

One of your greatest assets is your Leo pride. You make an effort to look fabulous. Most Leos – male and female – have a signature style. It’s not just about what you wear, your accessories are crucial, and even conservative Leo men carefully select their leather goods, and accessories, especially wristwatches. Leo ladies have a talent for finding and sticking with a look that’s striking yet unique. However, many Leos are struggling from a little too much ‘good living’. Consequently, having Mars, the planet of ego and energy, in Leo, from July 20 to September 5 is timely. It will sharpen your need to look your best, while boosting the pleasure you derive from getting fit. You’re in a cycle of discovery, so will delight in exploring new and healthier ways to eat and drink. And, equally, you’ll experiment with new activities. With August’s eclipses shaking things up in your thinking and your world, you could experiment with anything - from a high protein to a vegan diet, and all the while trying out, perhaps, serious swimming instead of doing time in the gym. Whatever the case, you’ll look and feel better because of what you’re doing.

VIRGO August 22 – September 21

Lifestyle, Career and Goals

As a Virgo, you dislike setting out on any venture, whether you’re shopping for the day or heading across the world, without a plan. Yet during this period of eclipses and unpredictable events, even seemingly straightforward arrangements won’t go as you expected or intended.

Worrying as this appears the first few times it happens, you’ll soon realise how much you discover, the interesting and worthwhile encounters you have and, in some cases, the opportunities that come from this period of unanticipated twists and turns.

The trick, therefore, is to organise things, but not with the thoroughness you normally would. This applies to your day, week, month, career if you have one, and even to your long term goals. Soon you’ll be so enjoying who and what you encounter that instead of being cautious about the unexpected, you’ll embrace even sudden developments. The trick is to focus on learning from everything, including what’s unappealing. Knowing this, if offers appear or a chance to make a change arises, consider it seriously. Remember, you’ll only regret what you didn’t do.


During periods as unsettling as the last half of 2017 is, you’ll tend to be cautious, watching carefully to ensure you can cover existing commitments. While it’s true, with eclipses on the 7th and 21st shaking things up, you’d think caution is wise. But, actually, there’s no better time to venture into new territory, in terms of ideas or exploring ways to make money and to invest it.

Ironically, this will lead to important questions about your priorities, that is, what you view as interesting or potentially worthwhile. And, better yet, with bountiful Jupiter having moved to accent your resources, from your assets and income to your ideas about such matters in late 2016 and remaining there until mid-October of this year, good fortune will appear in many ways. The trick, of course, is to spot it, especially since often it won’t necessarily be recognisable for what it is. Explore everything; show interest in what’s appealing but commit only with caution, especially while August’s eclipses are shaking things up. Find that balance between being super inquisitive yet cautious, and you’ll not only learn a lot, you’ll enjoy it.

Family and Relationships

No sign is more aware of the importance of being fair to others than Virgo, mostly because as a canny and observant Virgo, you notice more about those areas where those closest, family, loved ones and even friends are struggling. You can, for this reason, be both nurturing, encouraging the kind of thinking and activities that would help overcome those issues. Still, when necessary, you can adopt the philosophy called ‘tough love’, that is, refusing to tolerate excuses.

Yet with the thorough, practical and canny Saturn accenting these close alliances from 2015 until the end of this year, you’ve had some tough lessons to deal with yourself.

Some involved difficult people, others clashes over seemingly simple matters. This is about understanding what makes others tick.

It’s the same for those who’re dating or looking for love. It may not be in the form or with the kind of person you think it will be. If you can temporarily retire that clever side of your nature that outsmarts others in games and in life and instead focus on what you don’t know about others and the world, you’ll find yourself in a journey of discovery as unexpected as it is thrilling.

Your eclipse Breakthrough

Taking a chance on something you’re familiar with is easy. These eclipses are teaching you to sense the promise in the unexpected, to learn from them, and then to discover exactly how you’d benefit.

Health and Well-being

Most Virgos have an instinctive sense of how to look after themselves – what to eat, when and what to avoid. It’s the same with exercise, although often for a Virgo this will take the form of walking, embracing a physically challenging pastime from rock-climbing to running. However, as a Virgo, you also love routine, so may have been eating the same way and undertaking the same activities for a long time. The thing about this is, while you’ve changed, your regimes haven’t. The moment has come to review these. In fact, events may force you to explore, either because of lifestyle changes that require a dietary rethink or, perhaps you’ve become sensitive from eating literally, too much of a good thing. It’s the same with your activities, which are beneficial but predictable. If you receive an offer to do something new and, probably unfamiliar, don’t complain you’re schedule is full. Instead, make time, because it’s these surprise ideas and offers that will lead to breakthroughs as thrilling as they are unanticipated. Another variety of fitness involves being able to relax. While meditation is renowned for that, so are numerous surprising activities. Here, too, it’s about discovery. Experiment. You might soon discover that, unexpectedly, you’re more relaxed.

LIBRA September 22 – October 22

Lifestyle, Career and Goals

For years you’ve felt things could be better, but have been seeking that breakthrough that would take life, your activities and your job or career to a new level. While certain events or offers constituted real improvements, it still wasn’t what you were hoping for. Since September 2016, you’ve benefited from the influence of the planet of good fortune, Jupiter, in Libra. While this has introduced promising, if not exciting, encounters, ideas and offers, they still didn’t fulfil that fantasy.

The shake-ups triggered by August’s two eclipses will help you realise that the perfect situation, relationship or arrangement you’ve hoped for doesn’t exist. But, also, you’ll begin to recognise how your feelings of disappointment that these aren’t perfect have overshadowed what is wonderful – and often better than you’d imagined possible. So during this period, your feelings of success come half from exactly that, your mood, and half from events that are thrilling but, possibly, not the fantasy you’d envisioned.

Analyse this carefully. By October 22, when the planet of action and enthusiasm, Mars, moves into Libra until December 9, you’ll employ the energy it brings to discover joy in what you have, not to search for what you were dreaming of.


Can you plan ahead to create good fortune, to create financial well-being? You can, and what you think about, the ideas you discuss and the people you talk to now, during the last half of 2017, will contribute to the plans you devise during this period flourishing as you move into next year. Thinking ahead is always important but especially in terms of your resources, finances and assets.

That’s because with a powerful planetary emphasis on existing arrangements developing, often surprisingly well, and new ventures coming from out of the blue, you’ll need to be ready to think and move swiftly. And you’ll need to be ready to take chances, too. While your clever mind and inquisitive nature could be said to be an asset, sometimes you overthink things, and you could easily do exactly that beginning now, and as you move into the potentially prosperous 2018. This is where the sudden changes triggered by August’s eclipses are crucial, because they, too, will prevent you mulling over your options for too long.

Begin now to respond swiftly, ideally within a day if not hours, to ideas, offers or unexpected events. You’ll be amazed how well things go, and without your usual analysis.

Family and Relationships

No sign is more loving, and has a greater desire to see family, loved ones, offspring, close friends and even neighbours or colleagues be happy, thrive and live a relaxed, calm and joyous life. Yet, however good things get, there’s always something that disrupts that serenity. This is because life’s about ups and downs, and the bumps in the road are as essential to growth as the quiet moments of discussion and togetherness. What’s more, not every sign shares your desire for a harmonious existence.

Some actually enjoy battling issues out with others, while as many love time alone away from everybody. The current pair of eclipses are shaking up this side of your life, and giving you a glimpse of what it’s like to forget about harmony and, instead, finding a new way of being together, as family, friends or even colleagues. It’s the same if you’re looking for love.

Consider somebody who isn’t your ideal, and you may discover an entirely new way of spending time with, and caring about, another person. Once that happens, you’ll stop worrying about harmony and start enjoy life as it is.

Your eclipse Breakthrough

The realisation that you don’t need to give as much thought to others. This has been automatic, so could come as a big shock. But it will be one that, gradually, frees you to be more yourself.

Health and Well-being

Being a Libra and air sign, you ‘live in your head’, that is, your strength is thinking things through, discussing ideas with others and turning them into reality.

Consequently, focusing on fitness doesn’t come naturally to you. While many born under your sign experience success in sports or fields such as dance that require being fit, most follow a regime of eating right and exercise because it’s a means to achieve those goals. Yet with Jupiter in Libra until October, and then moving to accent what you earn, own and your assets, there will be discussion about well-being of every kind. It’s about learning to enjoy what you have and that is connected to your physical well-being.

So it isn’t just about muscle tone. It’s about connecting with the physical side of your life so you can enjoy what you have, and what you acquire during this remarkable year, all the more.

Take advantage of your sociable nature as a Libra: Ask others to join you on this journey of self-discovery, and not only will you learn a lot, you’ll find you develop a new understanding with those individuals as well.

SCORPIO October 23 – November 21

Lifestyle, Career and Goals

If you didn’t understand the nature of the last half of 2017, you’d wonder what was going on, and worry about the numerous changes, and in a bizarre range of areas of your life, that are beyond your control. Each of these is preparing you for the powerful, thrilling but, occasionally, unsettling cycle of growth that begins in October, with the move by fortunate Jupiter into Scorpio.

While you might already be aware of certain ideas, offers or possibilities, what’s best could be least expected. However, when you look back on the months of July, August and September, you’ll realise that sudden and seemingly random events were de-cluttering your life, your diary and your thinking, and making way for the extraordinary and often unexpected developments ushered in by mighty Jupiter’s presence in your sign for a year.

This brings expansion, personally, professionally, and often introduces new ideas, people or activities. Despite that, initially these could seem uninteresting, a distraction or even a disruption when, in fact, they’re about breakthroughs. Knowing that, explore every idea, encounter or offer, unlikely as it seems. At minimum, you’ll learn something. But some could transform your life, and in wonderful, if entirely unexpected, ways.


The most important things to bear in mind during this cycle of growth and discovery is the difference between having money in the bank, and encountering ideas, offers or events that will expose you to financially worthwhile activities or links. Tempting and, indeed, logical as it is to stick with something you know, Jupiter’s presence in Scorpio, from October 10 until November 8, 2018, is about discovery, in every form. Thus, you’ll want to deal with here and now matters, then focus your time on the exploration that this cycle, which occurs only every twelve years, is about.

This focuses on departing your comfort zone and learning about profitable ideas, meeting people who, perhaps, are intimidating or force you to venture into new territory, in terms of ideas, activities or even fun.

Because this isn’t only about your finances, it’s about wealth in every area of your life – a wealth of happiness with others, and of self-worth, personally. This, in turn, fosters a zest for life that’s infectious, that makes every day exciting but, as importantly, draws others to you, individuals who’re eager to work with you, and eager to join in the process of turning exciting, and often new, ideas into profitable activities.

Family and Relationships

A happily settled family life and, equally, warming and supportive friendships are, clearly, fundamental to living well. Yet when things become too settled, and predictable routine replaces a capacity for spontaneity, life can lose its sparkle. This is a risk for you, as a Scorpio and somebody who enjoys getting things organised ‘just so’. During the period between July and mid-October, you’ll face sudden and seemingly random events, which will trigger changes in your personal or family routine.

Tempting as it is to do the minimum or return to those familiar habits swiftly, view this as a chance to explore. Better yet, this is preparing you, and those around you, to broaden your horizons, in terms of your habits, the places you go, what you do to relax, even your dreams.

This isn’t about a single day or reorganising the existing routine. It’s about discovering new things to do, and in those, discovering new and powerful links with those who matter most. Those seeking a long-term relationship will benefit hugely from this; in broadening your circle, you’re giving yourself new, and exciting options, ones that will be rewarding now, and in the future.

Your eclipse Breakthrough

What initially seem unwelcome or unfair changes in your way of living or working lead to breakthroughs, and to improvements you’d previously regarded as unlikely, if not impossible.

Health and Well-being

The last half of 2017 will be a period of de-cluttering your life in many ways. This includes your habits, thinking and in some ways, the relationship with your body. That may seem a strange thing to say.

However, we all develop habits that, initially, may have suited a situation or a period of your life. But when times change, those habits don’t: You may find yourself eating as much as you did when you were more active and paying the price for not rethinking your menu. Or, as your schedule has changed, you may have lost track of finding time to move.

From October, events will give you an opportunity to make changes, both simple and dramatic. Each will introduce you to something or somebody that will form a foundation for the new way of looking after yourself that is part of what this cycle, with its life-changing eclipses, in August, and the benevolent presence of Jupiter, in Scorpio, from October, is all about. The more you respond to these, the more you’ll benefit, now and in the long term.

SAGITTARIUS November 22 – December 20

Lifestyle, Career and Goals

When you care about something or somebody, there’s always time to be there, to get involved, to learn and explore. However, when the actual subject or the situation involved is dull, you’ll either put off dealing with these matters or give them the minimum time possible.

Yet with sensible Saturn in your sign since 2015, you’ve been in a period that’s demanded an unaccustomed, and often aggravating, variety of focus and, in turn, persistence. It may be that events cornered you into this or, alternatively, you might have committed to a course of study. Now, as this demanding cycle enters its final six months, you benefit from those efforts, often in thrilling if unexpected ways, and realise that, by making a greater effort, you could learn more or improve your skills. In that sense, you’ll be discovering a ‘new you’, one who’s more willing to commit to plans, some a variety that, only recently, you’d have done everything you can to avoid.

This also raises questions about your activities, whether non-professional pursuits or a full-on career. You’ll begin rethinking these now and will, gradually, realise you’re ready to commit to something more demanding, and ultimately, more rewarding than, only months ago, you’d have conceived possible.


Many say that Sagittarians are born lucky. Although it seems that way, the combination of your genuine interest in others and in the world around you leads to new and worthwhile contacts, to offers and opportunities, some that might be termed ‘golden’, in that they bring in money.

But as a fire sign, you care more about leading a life that’s rich in rewarding experiences, people who lift your spirits and activities, some perhaps money-earning, that you enjoy. While, mostly, you’ve done exactly this, the move by stern Saturn into your sign in late 2015 began a cycle of review, and that luck may have seemed to vanish.

Actually, you were being forced to venture into unfamiliar territory; situations in which you were learning in ways or from people that, otherwise, wouldn’t have become part of your life. During the last half of 2017, you begin to recognise how you’ll benefit from those enforced lessons and may, bizarrely, realise how beneficial they’ve been, so sign on for more. This could involve classes, adding to your skills, investing in new ways, or restricting how or where you use your time and skills. Whatever you do, those efforts will pay off now, and even more in 2018.

Family and Relationships

Judging by the planetary activity for the year’s first half, you and those around you, will have struggled or faced sudden and, often, very challenging problems. While, obviously, these weren’t welcome, looking back on them, you’re recognising how much both you and others learnt from dealing with these.

It was almost as if destiny had designed a course of study, one intended to force you to learn about certain situations, to develop new skills and meet people – all of which have added to your life. Better yet, in those situations that involved several individuals, you learnt to work as a team, often in a way that was new for you, as a self-sufficient Sagittarius.

These changes, this growth, in relationships at home, with friends and especially, the new links you’ve formed will add immeasurably to your life now, and in the coming months. Challenges will still appear, but you’ll handle them differently, and might even enjoy the creative side of the process. Better yet, this unaccustomed way of spending time with others, having new reasons to be together, has brought a delightful zest and joy into those most important of relationships in your life.

Your eclipse Breakthrough

After nearly three years of tough Saturn in Sagittarius, you’ve faced challenges and learnt lots from them but had few payoffs. The events triggered by August’s eclipses bring changes that, in turn, lead to ideas, offers and life-changing opportunities. And this is just the beginning.

Health and Well-being

As a fire sign, you were born with a resilient constitution, something most Sagittarians appreciate and a few take advantage of. However, this has been a year of tending to practical matters, which includes looking after not only your physical health but also your mental well-being in a way that, previously, hasn’t been necessary.

Looking back, you realise how much you learnt about yourself, how your body and mind work and it’s made you rethink your approach to life in general. You’re still in the process of discovering how this is best achieved. Being a spontaneous Sagittarius, you enjoy and need change in your way of eating and your routine. You’re now beginning a journey that’s about discovering what you can do and how you can look after yourself in way that will be as much fun as it is beneficial. Once you’ve learnt how to do this, you’ll have found a new way of approaching life in general.

CAPRICORN December 21 – January 18

Lifestyle, Career and Goals

Every Capricorn has an instinctive understanding that planning ahead is a virtue. Yet, during 2017, even the simplest of arrangements won’t have gone as you intended and, often, they went in an entirely different direction. Disastrous as that seemed, you’re now recognising that what you learnt, who you met or the skills you were forced to acquire aren’t just worthwhile, many will benefit you for life.

Not only that, these seemingly disruptive situations introduced you to activities and pursuits that either you’d dismissed as uninteresting or unprofitable ages ago. You’re only now spotting how these experiences have added to your life. So much that you’ll willingly get involved where, before, you’d have had no interest.

This could mean rethinking what you do with your time, and possibly even reshaping your activities out in the world, whatever their nature. If working, you could decide to retrain, or switch to working for yourself.

This is the year to explore your options. It’s also a time to take chances in a way that, ordinarily, you wouldn’t. While this alone will be informative, what you learn and who you meet will so broaden your horizons that you’ll realise it’s not just about a single change, but about a period of rewarding, growth.


As much as you like the idea of offers that come from out of the blue, as a sensible earth sign, you tend to view any such events as a fairy tale, not something you’d rely on.

While, usually, that’s wise, the stunning link between your ruler Saturn and Uranus, planet of the unexpected, on November 11, could bring exactly such developments. Explore them, learn what you can but avoid committing until late in the year or, better yet, early 2018.

While your ruler Saturn moves into Capricorn on December 20, on March 17, 2018, forthright Mars joins it in your sign, boosting your spirits and honing your focus. For the coming six months, therefore, focus on what you can learn but, as much, think about de-cluttering your life.

This is about cutting expenses, but mostly by moving on from activities that were once rewarding but no longer are. It’s also about broadening your horizons, in terms of who you meet, what you do and, perhaps, adding to your knowledge or skills.

The investment you make in time, money or effort now, will pay off handsomely – sooner that you think.

Family and Relationships

While you won’t necessarily have enjoyed the twists and turns of the years since your ruler Saturn moved into the most strategic portion of your chart, in 2015, those closest won’t have minded, mostly because the changes in your often rigid routine or in long-term plans meant you had more time for them and, even more, you often discussed your situation with them. Learn from this, and when life gets busy again, as it will in 2018, ensure you build in time for family and friends. It’s the same for work relationships, too. Many Capricorns keep them formal, feeling that’s both wise and professional.

But it means others don’t get to know the real you. This is also about taking time to be with those closest, family, friends and especially the children in your life. You’ve a golden opportunity to rethink your approach to time and to 
your priorities.

It’s the same for Capricorns looking for a life partner. Take it slowly and learn as much about what’s ‘inside’ as the more easily observed qualities of style, education and social skills. In every area of your life, it’s about learning how to get the balance just right.

Your eclipse Breakthrough

If there’s one word that best expresses what August’s eclipses are about for you, it’s ‘windfall’. While this could refer to money, it can as much suggest you should expect exciting offers, encounters and even new love, and not just of a romantic nature.

Health and Well-being

Most of the time, when health and well-being are mentioned, the focus is on exactly that, on the physical body. As an earth sign, you have an instinct for what’s good for you and what isn’t, and you’ll often chose to eat wisely and try to include exercise in your daily regime, even if it’s walking or taking the stairs instead of the lift.

However, there’s another factor that’s also central to your well-being, and that’s your mood or, better put, ensuring there’s joy in your life. This balance is important for everybody. However, because you sometimes get so wrapped up in your obligations or work, you can forget to focus on, and to savour, those elements that make life worth living. For you it’s about what you think and dwell on, and noticing what brings you joy, as much as diet or fitness.

View each of these as equal elements of your health regime, and you’ll not only remain in good shape, you’ll be able to enjoy life. This will have a positive effect on your metabolism, and will actually motivate you to do more and, whether it’s at work or at home, to tackle those activities with joy.

AQUARIUS January 19 – February 17

Lifestyle, Career and Goals

Many of the shake-ups you’re dealing with began earlier in the year, when both fortunate Jupiter and Saturn, the planet of focus, powerfully aspected your ruler Uranus. These led to encounters, discussions, ideas, offers, and probably, changes. But any decisions had to be regarded as tentative, mostly because the foundation on which plans were being made was still shifting.

That’s the case now and will be until well into 2018. Knowing that, you’ll stop struggling to organise a single, perfect plan and will, instead, view arrangements and the alliances that come with them as being a bit of an experiment. Encourage others to think in the same way and, together, you’ll turn the many twists and turns of this period into new and, often, promising ideas – but ones that can be easily rethought as circumstances, and your needs and interests, change.

This also gives you the freedom to explore the remarkable events triggered by the Aquarius eclipsed New Moon in early 2018. Once you understand this isn’t about a single plan but more about approaching life in an adventurous frame of mind, you’ll benefit from these twists and turns and enjoy every day of them.


The cliché is ‘talk is cheap’, and this applies to the financial side of your life during the coming months, mostly because there will be lots of exciting discussions and promises declaring what will be done but not much will happen, at least as planned.

This isn’t because anybody’s being dishonest. On the contrary, it’s that often sudden changes will disrupt even the best of intentions. Worrying as this sounds, as a clever Aquarius, you can overcome these obstacles by creating your own income flow, one that you’re in control of, so can reorganise as circumstances shift.

This could involve anything from sales of some sort to giving advice or counselling in an area of personal expertise. This may not be what you intend to, or want to, do for the rest of your life. The other is turning something you already do for free, into something income-producing. While this may require some clever thinking and imagination, those efforts will pay off handsomely.

What you learn or who you meet could add amazingly to your financial life. Knowing that, be bold and adventurous and you’ll transform this unruly period’s unexpected events into money-spinning activities.

Family and Relationships

During unsettling cycles, such as this is, events either draw everybody together or create a wedge of misunderstanding or even, sometimes, resentment.

Being inquisitive by nature, your reaction to this dynamic, if occasionally perplexing, time is to explore, discuss what you’ve learnt, digest those ideas then either make a plan or explore more. However, not everybody is as inquisitive or resilient and many of those around you will worry, complain or, possibly, be very concerned by those developments you take so lightly. Bear this in mind, and instead of assuming the individuals in question are as interested in the day-to-day twists of this cycle, you’ll reassure them.

While in many cases, there won’t be much reliable to talk about, simply explaining what’s happening will help. Take advantage of this period to broaden your horizons socially, as well. This applies especially to those Aquarians who’d like to link up with somebody special or who’re seeking a lasting alliance. Because this period is about exploration, who and what you encounter will, at minimum, be interesting. One of those individuals could bring a new light to your life.

Your eclipse Breakthrough

Because the first of these eclipses is in Aquarius, expect powerful insights regarding shifts in elements of your life and close relationships. These changes bring a new excitement and even new experiences, some of which you’d previously thought impossible.

Health and Well-being

Many Aquarians have an instinctive sense of their capacity to ‘think themselves into good health’ and a few are also conscious of the fact they can sometimes worry themselves into being unwell. While the notion of the connection between positive thinking and health isn’t anything new, recent events have made you more aware of this, especially with the ups and downs of this exciting if occasionally exhausting period.

Being an air sign, your mind is said to be your best asset. But it can also mean that when you’re wrestling with unexpected changes or perplexing events, as you have been and will be during the last half of 2017, you put off dealing with physical matters, including the kind of exercise that might lift your spirits, until you’ve analysed, and fully understood, what’s going on. However, events or possibly those closest will remind you that life is about balance. And that’s the real key to your sense of well-being, during a cycle that’s just as much about enjoying feeling your best every day as it is about broadening your horizons. Make it your objective to balance the two, and you’ll not only thrive during 2017, you’ll thrive during every year.

PISCES February 18 – March 19

Lifestyle, Career and Goals

Having been born under the most idealistic of signs, you’re sure that with enough effort, what you do, create or commit to will go perfectly. Equally, you work hard to ensure others, from loved ones to colleagues, experience the best that’s possible.

While, on occasion, others notice your efforts and, even more rarely, somebody thanks you, that’s a bonus. This is because for you, trying to make the world a better place, and making others happy, comes naturally. However, over the past several years, since practical Saturn moved to accent how wisely you use your time, you’ve been rethinking your priorities and, often, putting yourself first. Initially this was uncomfortable but now it not only seems normal, you’re benefiting in terms of the respect you get at home, and if you work, acknowledgement of the progress you’re making.

Enough that you’re now setting higher goals for yourself and you’re changing these every couple of months, as you realise there’s not only more you could do, there’s more you want to achieve. This is all about the process of thinking in greater depth about what, and who, is important to you and, even more, focusing on making these achievements and individuals part of your life.


As a Pisces, you’ve probably found yourself on both sides of the financial equation; you’ve been short of cash and, equally, in the happy position of being able to lend others a hand. Judging by the planetary setup for the last half of 2017, it’s not so much that you’re in need of support as certain individuals who’re able to support others, including you, may not be making as much of an effort as they could to do that. This, which is indicated by bountiful Jupiter’s position, suggests that while one particular individual is in a position to be helpful, they’d benefit from the ideas and inspiration of others, including you. Bizarrely, in getting involved with this, you’ll soon find that you’re benefiting, possibly directly or, which is even more likely, those you’ve talked to or met will, in some way, add to your financial world. This isn’t about a single situation or arrangement, but several. The more you do, the better off you’ll be. It’s said that generosity breeds more of the same, and that will most be confirmed during this period.

Family and Relationships

Because August’s pair of eclipses usher in an unsettling period for everybody, you and those around you will be juggling everyday life, activities outside of the house and, then, the dramas that each and every person is facing. While these are all different, at the core is the need to be there, lending support yet, at the same time, encouraging the individuals in question to take the initiative, to do what they can on their own. This means listening to their concerns but, even more, encouraging them to explore potential solutions and come up with something on their own.

It’s important you ensure that you’re not allowing your own interests, activities and pursuits to come second, but that you give them priority, especially now. True, initially, it may worry you that others will think you don’t care. But, then, this is what periods of this nature are about, juggling your interests, those of others and life in general. By November 11, when Saturn superbly aspects the inventive Uranus, and thrilling if unexpected events change everything for the better, and overnight, you and everybody else will be ready to make the best of these exciting developments.

Your eclipse Breakthrough

After years of feeling guilty, either because you couldn’t help others or they weren’t happy with what you did for them, suddenly you realise that, actually, their problems aren’t your responsibility anyway.

Health and Well-being

During 2017 you’ve been learning a lot about yourself, about things you thought you’d just have to live with and conditions or ailments that have become part of life. In some situations, you’ve a better understanding of how to live with them. But in a few you’ve learnt the secret to gradually minimising a problem you thought you had no way of escaping.

Often Pisceans are so sensitive that they end up carrying the burden of others’ problems. By the rare and spectacular alliance between fortunate Jupiter and your ruler Neptune, on December 3 of this year, you’ll begin to realise just how much you do, and how certain changes in your thinking, lifestyle or even diet will make a huge difference. What’s more, because this rare link between these planets occurs again in 2018, and three times, which is unusual, what’s good now will only get better.

The secret to feeling, looking and being at your best during the last half of 2017 is about knowing that developments that are already thrilling will improve, and amazingly. That alone will boost your spirits. You’re looking at improvements so amazing that, today, you wouldn’t even imagine them to be possible.