It was 6 in the morning, the air outside was still cool and crisp, I had my favourite snow white trainers on and Adele was about to crescendo in my ears while singing Hello. Oh, did I mention my weighing scale had just revealed to me that I was 100 grams lighter – a milestone considering my sluggish metabolism. Life couldn’t be better, rather I had no reason to complain. But I still felt like. Although it was Day 152 of my usual four rounds of the community where I live, like always it felt like a trudge.

No matter what I do, walking as a form of exercise has always felt like… how do I say this more eloquently… exercise… yes, boring tedious exercise.

I don’t understand the point of it. You don’t reach anywhere, in fact you end up where you started; you are in poor company, in my case mine; and despite the ache in the calf muscles, it feels inadequate when you compare it to those who trot on a treadmill. And then, God forbid if you pass by another walker who is in full gear and the benefits of exercise are clearly visible on the person. Have you heard of the term gymtimidation? I feel like that when I set out for my walk every morning.

Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against walking. If you spot me in a shopping mall, you’ll find plenty of purpose in my stride. Holidays too. I can spend the entire day exploring a place on foot. No complaints.

It is this early morning routine that feels like a joyless chore.

Does this mean, I’m going to give up on walking? Maybe not. Maybe I need to work on my attitude. Maybe I need to reread the article on page 24 (6 ways to supercharge your daily walk for better health).

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