Lost napkins are no joke

You’ll always find scraps of paper and napkins with jokes written on them in my pockets. If I think of a good line while I’m out, I scribble it down. I could record it on my phone but I’m old school. So far I’ve never lost one!

Driving up the hills

One of my favourite things to do on a weekend is to escape the city and explore the rest of the UAE. I love the Fujairah Friday Market. We drive there and buy some grilled corn to eat, then head up to the mountains or down to the beach. It’s a lovely way to find peace and chill out.

Cooking up a perfect weekend

There’s nothing more relaxing than spending time in the kitchen, and I love to get up early on a Friday and make my wife breakfast. I’ll maybe do an avocado salad, French toast and different cheeses. Yum!

Chill-out zone

There’s no better place to chill in Dubai than at Al Makan Restaurant in Madinat Jumeirah. I like to go there in winter, sit outside with friends with some food and drink, and just relax and take in the views of the water. It’s perfect.

Tour tunes

When I’m travelling, I tend to listen to Al Green. He was the guy I listened to when I first went on tour, and his music has been my travel companion ever since. He puts me in the right frame of mind.

Rock on with Chris

If I could spend my weekend with one celeb, I’d have to choose Chris Rock. He’s my favourite comedian. He’s so sharp and has a refreshing view of the world but at the same time, he’s a little crazy. Time with him would be unpredictable, I think.

City of energy

Dubai is my home and I’m from the generation that grew up half in the desert and half in this pulsating metropolis. As I grew in size, so did the city. In many ways it is my best friend – you can’t live here and not be inspired to follow your dreams. I love it. I enjoy going on tours and travelling, but there’s no city with energy like Dubai.