It’s hard to know for sure how you would react if told you had a serious disease. Denial perhaps. Maybe fear, anger, confusion, or sadness. For Muna Al Harbi – an Emirati mother with multiple sclerosis (MS) – it was all of this and more.

Her diagnosis was particularly dramatic and intense as it was during the birth of her second child. Most people would remain trapped with dark images about their future. Yet the experience eventually turned into something truly positive for Muna and she now – almost unbelievably – considers MS "her friend."

She not only learned how to deal with the disease, but also has become a vocal spokesperson, helping many MS patients who had been suffering in silence. That’s not all. Muna established a successful business and found a new lease of life doing activities she’d never considered before.

Her message: Acceptance is key to coping with the situation and you can (and must) adjust your mindset to the new reality.

Muna takes an honest look at the journey in the first episode of MS Talks – Keep Moving Forward, which goes live next week. A Novartis initiative aimed to raise awareness about MS in the UAE, the videocast series hosted by Muna features interviews with doctors and caregivers to give viewers an insight into the condition.

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