How do you believe your holistic views towards business and life can make the company profitable?

Nitesh: In the personal and professional life, we have always believed to have a clear vision and realistic goals. Our approach helps us in the surrounding environment on how to react on daily hustles. We share the view for combination of planning and learning processes that helps when we evaluate the business opportunities and personal goals too. The purpose of holistic approach is to have a balance of social life, fitness and mindfulness.

Do you feel overworking and long hours are overrated concepts? In Metworld Group, what are your views on sticking to work schedules?

Ankit: Yes, absolutely. Long hours at work do not lead to productivity and adversely impacts employee’s health too, especially mental health. Gone are the days, where people had to be in office at odd hours to meet a particular deadline. Pandemic has taught us that even remotely, deadlines are met and tasks are completed. In our company, we have always been promoting a healthy environment and encourage everyone to stick at working hours. Even if we have all the resources in the world, not using your time wisely can cost you a lot.

How does your organisation offer a happy and empowered work environment to increase loyalty and productivity within the firm?

Ankit: In our group companies we have introduced several fun activities to keep all our employees on the go. We have dedicated break rooms in our office where indoor sports activities are held. Occasionally, we organize lunch / dinner meet ups which helps us to bond over and brainstorm on few things. To promote healthy lifestyle, we have also partnered with a gym which all our employees can access it at a minimal cost.

Since, most of the things have opened up post the pandemic, we are also planning team outings like a staycation.

We are pleased to announce, another unique programme by us called ‘Buddy at work’, where every new joinee is accompanied by one of his/her teammate for a week till he/she is fully settled at new workplace.

As part of senior management at Metworld DMCC, making time to look into your wellness is critical to ensure a healthy mind and make key decisions. How important is it to work out, eat well and meditate for entrepreneurs?

Nitesh: A healthy lifestyle is utmost important to everyone and in all walks of life. My mornings start very early. Feeling of gratitude and practicing meditation is like a rock in my morning routine. Followed by physical activity sets up the pace for all day be it a gym session, running or cycling. While, I am travelling, I try to stick to my daily routine and my regular diet. This pattern helps me to stay focused all the times. Regular work-out session, healthy eating and medidate helps to avoid stress, anxiety and has a great healing power.

They say opposites attract. However, as siblings you both seem to share a similar mindset and lifestyle that play key roles in helping your partnership flourish. What is the secret behind your decision making process in case of conflict?

Ankit: We both handle the conflict in a very mature way and take it as a part of a healthy discussion. For serious business decision, one needs to have a second opinion. We both implement each of our expertise and skills wisely our daily business life. This has led to some great results for us.

Sustainability and CSR should not be seen as an expense or overhead. At Metworld DMCC, What are your views on this matter?

Nitesh: We have always believed in taking care and giving it back to mother nature and society we live in. Sustainability and CSR is extremely important for us. We recycle the waste automotive and industrial oils that were previously discarded in sea, leading heaving pollution. During the COVID-19 crisis, we have actively participated and extended our support to NGOs based in India and Africa to help fight the pandemic and provided care to families/individuals who suffered the aftermaths.

We also support an orphanage in Côte d’Ivoire (West Africa) with plans to expand. For the past two years, we are closely working to fund an India-based children’s foundation that works with life-threatening conditions for kids aged between one to five. We also have plans to set up a mindfulness programme for kids in Dubai and aim to empower the youth with positive self-image and strong social skills.

As leaders, while we solve business problems, we should set an intention to promote social and environmental welfare. In the end this is what we will leave behind. I can assure even small efforts can make big differences at collective level.

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