At the outset, the feature Are girls brainier than boys? seemed like nothing but a regurgitation of an age-old supercilious debate. It stinks of misplaced feminism, I assumed. Didn’t we long ago graduate from the simplistic argument about gender bias to what is more complex: gender equality, I wondered?

Doesn’t seem like it. And this article proves it. But what is more important is that this feature validates the point that our academic grades should not be considered to be the only yardstick of our smartness. Or, as the article points out, it cannot be the only crystal ball that predicts how successful we will turn out to be in the future. Grades cannot determine greatness, period. Also, gender too cannot determine greatness.

What the author of the article also highlights through scientific research is that while male and female brains are biologically the same, their aptitude or, for lack of a better word, cleverness is mainly determined by the social and cultural ecosystem they inhabit.

So does this mean that our mark sheets are irrelevant? What about formal education? Is that irrelevant too? Young adults featured in the article What it takes to be successful prove otherwise. While two of them were top rankers through their school years, one considers himself as ‘above average’. But all three of them are now in the fast lane to the top. They prove that people skills, attitude towards learning and resilience, all add to the score card called success.

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