Whether it is our unshakeable faith in truth, our hope from tomorrow or the belief that our destiny will deliver what is due to us, we all are fuelled by a power that we know as positive thought. It is this optimism that drives us forward, shapes our imagination and creativity and gives us the courage to reach out further, higher.

There is no denying that the power of positivism is far reaching.

And what is equally true is that positivism is a product of resilience – unwavering belief in self and unflinching wish to prevail. And that I believe is never easy. It requires steering through that road of self-doubt, confronting demons of failure, overcoming scepticism and breaking down walls of distrust within us and around us. Resilience is that impenetrable shield, which not just protects us from assault of cynicism but lifts us in times of adversity as well.

And in the case of the four women we feature in the article UAE pink warriors: Beating breast cancer in a pandemic, it is this unwavering resilience to fight and the resolve to overcome the dreaded disease that shines through.

Each of these women prove that while cancer eats away our body and feeds on our fears, it can be destroyed by our indefatigable spirit, the love and support from our near and dear ones and, more importantly, by taking care of our mental health.

As Narine Geroyan points out in the feature, "Be positive, think and talk positive… To heal yourself, start from your thoughts. You are beautiful and strong; you will beat it."

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