Forget and forgive... let go and move on… stay positive… Self-help gurus, life coaches and mentors all advise us that the path to happiness needs to be built on self-fulfilment and optimism and that the only baggage we can take on this journey is the experience earned and knowledge gained. Prejudice, cynicism and fear have no place.

Easier said than done, I say. We are as much a product of our foibles and faults as we are of our strengths. And the challenge lies in finding that perfect balance between the two. How we 
combat all that holds us back and allow the victory to fuel our travel ahead is what life is all about.

But there is another theory taking shape. It says there are two kinds of people – teflons and velcros. The latter are like sponge that absorb it all, specifically the negativity and allow it to fester within, eventually be defined by them. Teflons are the opposite. The corrosive quality of all that is toxic in our lives, none of it sticks if we are a teflon.

According to the experts interviewed in the article ‘How to stop micro-stressors ruling your life’, those with the teflon attitude use it as a vital arsenal to battle all that forms a tight leash on our journey ahead.

Even better, if nurtured, it not only becomes the defence mechanism, the safety net we need to shield us from the adverse impact of our flaws, it also gives us the power to find solutions, relentlessly explore our potential and keep running. It also helps us cut out the white noise that distracts us from our true purpose.

How can we seal all our chinks and develop the non-stick veneer we need? Now that is something we need to work on.

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