It's well-known that exercise can help people live longer, but playing tennis specifically may actually add nearly a decade to your life, according to studies. One of the reasons, perhaps, is that tennis gives the entire body an intensive workout.

Bringing world-class country club-style programmes to the local neighbourhood court, PUCA Pro Tennis is on a mission to deliver this health benefit and the many other perks of playing tennis to kids of all ages, and ultimately transform them into well-rounded athletes.

By focusing on tennis vitals like technique, fundamentals of the game and physical fitness, PUCA Pro Tennis provides a well-rounded tennis experience for everyone, from the youngest beginner to the most skilled teen.

PUCA Pro Tennis splits classes into age-appropriate programmes, allowing instructors to focus on the needs and abilities of each student at their level. This accordingly maximises each student’s experience, builds appropriate skills and increases ability.

PUCA Pro Tennis ultimately aims to guide and nurture gifted local talents to become professional players who will vie at the highest levels of competition. With its well-rounded approach, the programme is certainly in the right direction, having already produced top-ranked players in the Under 8, Under 9 and Under 10 age categories who have regularly won ranking tournaments in the UAE.

For more information, visit the PUCA Pro Tennis Facebook page (@puca_protennis) or call 056 400 6711.

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