Where I’m from

I am Indian, born and raised in Spain; my parents moved here in 1992. I had an instant connection with Dubai – I was mesmerized by the golden-red sand.

Thankful for family Fridays

Friday is a special day for us, irrespective of the time I go to bed on Thursday night. My two boys – Raul is 5 and Rayaan is 3 – ensure I am up before 7am. Friday is different from the rest of the week, as we get the entire family together, I believe that this is a day where we can all bond, and doing family activities sets a solid foundation for the boys to understand that you must always prioritise the family. This special family time is something that I feel very fortunate to have and I try to never take it for granted.

A man of many (well-managed) passions

I am a firm believer that a person should be their authentic self. I have never isolated any event or activity; rather through proper organization and time management, I have been able to manage multiple passions. I have been an entrepreneur for more than 20 years, and continue to do so today, while balancing my passion for the creative arts. I took up acting and modelling because I wanted to learn the value of being in someone else’s shoes. Mind Body Soul is a complete circle as it brings together my passions of life, to work with people on an individual basis, and to help empower them with what is the most important tool of happiness, authenticity. All anyone can do is to be themselves – no one should try, or feel the pressure to try, to be anyone else. I believe each person is perfect in their own imperfect way, and that is what makes us all so special.

A formula for happiness?

Mind Body and Soul - a Happiness Center - has been created to remind everyone that happiness is truly everyone’s birthright. Our main purpose is to empower individuals to realize they hold the key to their own happiness. That there is no need to look for outside sources in order to experience joy. All human beings posses the needed tools to experience joy within, we are all empowered and ready to connect with the inner source of happiness at all times, we just have open our eyes to the gift of being alive, the beauty and abundance that surrounds us, and choose happiness every single day. Happiness is more than an emotion; it is a conscious decision, a state of being. Of course, it can be nurtured, and through being aware and mindful we can maintain a state of happiness. It’s not about spending every moment laughing, rather it’s about allowing the experiences to come and to live them at the fullest.

A round of mindfulness

I do practice breath work and meditation but not the way most people do - I believe mediation can be done through out the day in each activity we undertake. For example if I do get a chance to go hit a bucket of balls at the golf range, I find myself working on my breath, focused intently during each swing. We must all find these activities that can elevate our experiences while being mindful.

Make a note of this

I love singing, and have written some songs that one day I would like to record. For now, it’s on my to-do list.

The background score to my life

What a Wonderful World by Ray Charles. 

Finding balance between bread

I am a sandwich person, I like my balanced meals, but if I had to pick between a warm dish and a sandwich, I think the sandwich wins. Pizza is also a favourite, especially when I can steal a piece from my kids.

Make a break for shopping

I have always been a very neutral shopper, and tend to be quite a laggard when it comes to catching up with newer trends. When I do end up buying something, I usually have no regrets. I just picked up a new pool table for the house, and was able to muster up the courage to buy it online. So far, fingers crossed, no regrets.

Riding scared

This weekend I want to finally go explore the new amusement parks with my kids, there are so many new places to see, and the entertainment truly spoils us. I may have to muster up the courage to ride a roller coaster as it has been ages since I have done that!

My most cherished possession

I don’t like to be too attached to things, so this question is rather difficult for me. I can’t think of anything, but I guess my wife would say my Kindle. I do love to read whenever I can.

Time technology

I’d love a gadget that can finally stop time, one that enables us all to live in the moment without worrying about the moment after. When we live for the now, we truly live.

Role play

I recall one scene I performed with Wajih Halawa, a truly talented actor in the UAE and good friend. Our scene involved a complex character role, where I had to go from being a powerful dominant character to a submissive and overpowered one. We were given a standing ovation, it was very inspiring and humbling how well-received it was. When you have people who work with you and believe in you it’s humbling. I have been blessed with close friends and mentors such as Miranda Davidson who has had a big hand in inspiring me to become the best actor I can be.

A taster of lessons

I’d invite Mahatma Gandhi, Michael Jordan, and Oprah Winfrey to dinner, to ask them to teach me more about love, tolerance, determination, selflessness, will and purpose – in addition to how to dunk a basketball.

My happy place

If I am by the sea, near a mountain, by the countryside or near greenery, I feel very connected and whole. I find that the energy that nature gives us is priceless.

My superpower

To be just like everyone else. I believe in the paradox that we are all the same despite being unique at the same time. My superpower is to smile, and this one is a superpower that many harness.