Lakshmanan. K

Lakshmanan. K: I have been a subscriber of Gulf News print edition for the last 21 years and I must say Friday magazine changed my life. I landed a good job after reading an article by (Friday’s career expert) Daniel Ough after following his instructions on how to prepare an effective CV. I enjoy the sections on art, health, fashion, personalities and travel. Best wishes to Friday on the 25th Year celebrations.

Salma CC

Salma CC: Friday magazine is like all the aspects of life within my reach on a Friday. The weekend guide, food and the On That Note section are the cherries on the top.

Shrishti & Shresht Shrikant Shettigar

Shrishti & Shresht Shrikant Shettigar: I am 15 and since the time I can remember, I’ve been seeing or reading Friday magazine. I enjoy its features, true stories, health tips, recipes, fashion, and crossword. The two things I miss the most when I am on a vacation are Dubai and Friday magazine. My elder brother Shresht, also enjoys reading Gulf News and Friday.

Rajeswari Matam

Rajeswari Matam: My Friday isn’t complete without reading Friday magazine. Reading the interesting and motivational articles is a great way for me to rewind and rejuvenate. Among my other favourite sections are Viewpoint and the Hale education group page where you get to read about students, their amazing views on their future which is insightful and inspirational. Suresh Menon’s column is always fun. Congratulations to team Friday for the fabulous work.

Priyanka Maheshwari

Priyanka Maheshwari: Reading Friday magazine is a family ritual. It’s not limited to only Friday but until the next week’s issue arrives. Even my son (below) loves the magazine.

Chanda Bhatia Hirani

Chanda Bhatia Hirani: Friday is one magazine that can definitely be described as ‘All in one’. I feel refreshed and rejuvenated after reading this magazine every week. It’s the quickest way to stay on top of trends. Thank you super amazing team for keeping us posted.

Aparna Rajeev

Aparna Rajeev: My family and I have been reading Friday for as long as I can remember. It was a family routine of sorts, my mother would read it with her coffee after which my sister and I would fight over who got to read it first during breakfast. While I enjoyed reading the articles, the fashion section always grabbed my attention. I would comb through the photo shoots and admire the looks, and how well the outfits were put together. I have cut and kept pictures of clothing and accessories in a shoe box. Anytime I feel bored or anxious, I open the box and while away hours pairing the best skirt to go with the best purse. To me, Friday magazine reminds me of my childhood , my love for arts and crafts, and fashion but mostly, it reminds me of home.

Jay Kathpal: Friday offers a range of features, based on lifestyle and social issues. It has a distinctive accent on people, trends and lifestyle with articles for all. Its content and voice are guided by the needs and aspirations of the people of the UAE and their opinions, choices, and needs, making the magazine a very strong platform for people to make a difference.

Rhea & Cheryl

Rhea & Cheryl: Friday is a complete family magazine that gives us an opportunity to share our views on various topics. We wait to read interviews with eminent personalities, new trends in fashion, food and places to visit.

Preeti Handa: I am a regular reader of Friday and the one thing I look forward to the most is the editor’s small note. You can mostly convey my thoughts it in the most simple and effective way. Wishing that you continue to have a connect with your readers.

Anay and his grandma Deepa Manglani

Anay and his grandma Deepa Manglani: Friday magazine is turning 25, and I am turning 11 in July. I’ve been reading the magazine since I was three years old with my grandmother. It is our Friday morning ritual. We sit together and read from the editor’s note to the last page. Reading Friday is like enjoying a good 7-course meal.

Sheeba Jojo

Sheeba Jojo: Friday magazine is what kick-starts my weekend. Every Friday morning, as far as I can remember, has always been about running down the stairs to grab the Friday magazine. Then, I plonk myself on my checkered chair, and flip the pages to get my weekly dose of infotainment, till the rest of the household comes alive.

Nyra Rodrigues

Nyra Rodrigues: Growing up in the UAE, Friday magazine has and will always be a part of my life. I will always remember the days when my sister and I would try to grab the magazine first, before we had to go to church that morning. Later in the car, the one who read it would tell the other what to look forward to. Friday will always be the OG magazine of the UAE!

Raja Gopalan Mahesh

Raja Gopalan Mahesh: For the past 20 years I have been reading Friday. I love Viewpoint, On That Note, the editor’s Let’s Talk and content focused on home, food, fashion and beauty, gardening and books.

Sudha Sugandh Gupta: Friday is a package of fashion, food, happenings around the city and knowledge all compiled beautifully. I always look forward to it every week.

Deepika: Friday mornings include reading the newspaper and fighting with my family as to who gets Friday first. Even my 10 year old daughter loves reading it.

Rama Malar

Rama Malar: Friday is close to my heart and means a lot for several reasons. I too am May born and am completing 25 years in Dubai this July. Since the day I landed it has been the only source of infotainment. It’s through the magazine that I have learnt cooking, local affairs, child rearing, medical tips and everything about lifestyle. Wish this journey to continue for years from.

Afshan Rizwan

Afshan Rizwan: For me Friday is filled with information, and is a quick way to spend a refreshing and relaxing afternoon. I enjoy reading every section as there is always something new to learn. My best wishes to Friday and may it soar to new heights.

Sanjay Gupta: Among the sections I enjoy in Friday are Viewpoint and the wonderful features by Anand Raj. Congratulations on the silver jubilee celebrations.

Amtesh K Kohli

Amtesh K Kohli: Friday magazine was absolutely a blessing to me specially during the pandemic when the mind needed an outlet. Over all I find Friday to be a smart weekend read with diligently selected social, emotional, critical writing in UAE. A huge thank you to entire team of Friday magazine.

Husna Saba: Congratulations on your silver jubilee. Amazing magazine. I eagerly wait for Fridays to read the magazine. The section on readers’ points of view gives a glimpse of how diverse thoughts are! The weekly questions improve creativity and thinking power. There’s lot more to say and all in a good sense.

Shikha Dixit

Shikha Dixit: I wait for Friday every Friday morning. I have been reading it for the past 20years and have witnessed and celebrated its every accomplishment. My favourite is the editor’s note which builds the excitement to read every bit of the magazine. Friday contains a lovely mix of stargazing, travel, entertainment, health and well-being, food and more. Reading it has become a habit for me and the best way to start my day. I wish my favourite magazine a happy silver jubilee anniversary.

Sunanda Mohan: Friday is one thing that I look forward to every week. With a variety of content and interesting subjects, it makes my Fridays exciting. Kudos to the editor and team for touching on relevant matters. (The Editor’s write ups often becomes my WhatsApp status). Congratulations on your silver jubilee.

Neha Shah

Neha Shah: Friday for me and my family is incomplete without Friday magazine. We admire every section of the magazine, particularly Viewpoint, and scan the articles together before debating on each of the topics published.

Anabel Anto

Anabel Anto: Writing for Friday is always something I’ve enjoyed. Every Friday I look forward to the next issue.

Arya: Over the years, I have seen Friday magazine transform, from the choice of articles to the size, front covers and fonts. I've read a lot of motivational stories, collected hundreds of recipes, learnt a lot about skin care and trusted the star gazing columns. Seeing my pieces published in the Viewpoint section makes me feel appreciated. Congratulations on the silver jubilee anniversary. Keep going as we want more.

Seema Prabhat: Friday is ‘A Weekend dose of happiness’. It has become an inseparable part of our lives. The last two years were very tough due to the pandemic. However, this magazine was a source that brought a smile to my face every week. The content has always been very relevant and keeps us connected. Thank you for this amazing magazine.

Sangeetha Nair

Sangeetha Nair: Friday magazine is more than just a simple magazine you get on a Friday. It is a place where we can share opinions on various topics and look forward to something new always. That is what makes this magazine the best. My favourite column is Suresh Menon’s and Viewpoint. I have discovered a plethora of riveting articles that truly helped me nourish and develop myself.

Sandhya Shetty

Sandhya Shetty: Friday is six months older to us – we completed 25 years of marriage a few months ago. If my husband and I used to grab it when we first arrived, over the years, the entire famliy looks forward to who will get it first in the morning. Among the sections we like, are the weekly predictions and thought-provoking articles.

Shaesta Mubashir: I’ve been a frequent reader of Friday for many years now and am never bored reading it. However, I do miss the ‘I Me Myself’ section. It was so inspiring to read about people and their experiences. Friday is something I know I’ll always enjoy.

Rosy George

Rosy George: Friday takes me on a poignant but fulfilling journey for seven days till the next Friday comes by. The magazine comes with a touch of magic and fills my days with sunshine and brightness.

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