I was born and raised in Leeds in the UK but I’ve now been working in the Middle East for 14 (eight of it in Dubai) years. The Middle East is a part of the world that has changed rapidly and at a speed indescribable to many other countries – Dubai is a vibrant land of opportunities and a place where dreams come true for a designer, anything is possible here.


I love Fridays – they’re the day in the week I can hit snooze for longer than usual. No one Friday is the same for me so I can be either catching up on work or blogging or having lunch with my friends and usually multi-tasking between a numbers of things before Sunday comes around again.


I was always fascinated by large buildings, the scale, their image, function and colour, and also how people moved about within these spaces. Perhaps, the design gene was there in my blood from the time I was born – both my grandfathers were into construction. When I was a toddler, I was good with building blocks and colour; this was my first lesson in architecture and I enjoyed making and demolishing towers more than anything else. I also loved painting art, colour, shapes and most of all using my imagination.


To de-stress quickly I love to swim or go for a run. On weekends, I love to get down to a spa for a body massage and scrub, my favourite spot is the One and Only or H Hotel spa. In the evenings, it’s great to catch up with friends for a good meal, drinks and lots of laughter. This weekend I’m really looking forward to pampering myself with a manicure and pedicure.


I travel somewhere far at least once a month. If time and money weren’t an issue and I could travel to any destination I’d go to San Francisco! It’s one of the most cosmopolitan and beautiful cities in the world – I’ve always wanted to explore its hilly terrain, scenic beauty, museums, world-class restaurants and discover its culture. It’s a long flight though...


My dream dinner party guests would be Pharrell Williams, Kate Hudson and the French architect Jean Nouvel. I think all of them together would make for very interesting dinner conversation. I do love cooking, but as I lead a busy schedule, I rarely get the opportunity. So, I’m often eating out across Dubai with clients and friends and I’m a vegetarian so I love Italian food and pasta is my favourite – it’s my go to dish always because it’s so versatile.


My favourite place in the world is the balcony in my home – watching the sea views from there as I enjoy my morning coffee watching the sunrise and reflections in the sea. It’s a truly calming space.


My earliest memory is of my first day at school. It was a daunting but memorable experience. If I could advice my 12-year-old self I’d tell her to stay 12 and enjoy. Don’t grow up too fast!


The Chrysler building in New York, is a piece of architecture that has really impacted me. Visually interesting doesn’t begin to describe the way this building magnetically draws me in. Many of the design elements of the building are directly related to Chrysler automobiles, a strong enforced concept story that translates subtly through the building design.

The one thing that changes a house into a home is...

…your story. The interior design of your home tells a story about you, your personal style and how you define your sanctuary. I love, designing my clients’ story and rekindling their memories.


The best advice my parents gave me was to always follow my dreams. After 18 years of following a normal but successful career path as the design director of some of the world’s top international design practices the burning desire to do my own thing continued to crop up and that’s how I started Sharon Jutla Interiors. I love the creativity and freedom that you get from running your own business. Everything from choosing suppliers/partners, writing copy, to developing customer loyalty. Good or bad, it is down to me. Any idea can be put into practice.


‘Take every chance you get in life because some things only happen once’ is a quote by motivational author Karen Gibbs that I first heard it in school. It has stayed with me ever since and inspired me.


That last thing I splurged on was a new Chanel large shopper handbag in grey. [I love bags large enough to fit] the kitchen sink in if I could – with all the travelling [I do] and books and drawings I carry my bags wear and tear quickly. But it’s a great excuse for me to shop!


I love reading and what I love most about reading is that I am always learning, gaining knowledge, and discovering information. It’s great to get immersed in a book and the enjoyment i get from using my imagination. I am currently half way through Leadership Dubai Style by Dr. Tommy Weir.


When you believe by Mariah Carey, every word in the song I can resonate with and has inspired me for many years. That song bets describes my life.