While reading Anand Raj OK’s interview with Dasho Karma Ura, one thing became clear: happiness might be a state of mind but it is as much a destination too.

For those who are not in the know, Dasho Karma Ura is a Bhutanese monk. His heightened sense of self-awareness, and the fact that political leaders from across the world consult him while they formulate their national policies on happiness, means he has the credentials needed to be called the leading name in the complex world of spiritual well-being.

And I am not doubting him. If there is any hint of scepticism in what I say, it stems from the fact that he makes it sound very easy.

He says for us to reach our desired level of happiness, we need to sleep well, be mindful of what we eat, stay away from social media, have a healthy social life, exercise and most importantly, he adds marital happiness to the list.

It was the last condition that caused doubt to raise its ugly head. Isn’t marital happiness more mythical than happiness itself?

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