I feel a zephyr of nostalgia gently stirring my consciousness. I know it happens once too often, but this time it is kind of valid, I feel. Summer holidays are upon us after all. And I feel as joyous as that kid whose eyes light up every time you ask him ‘how many days to go to the vacation?’

No, I am not taking any time off, not any time soon, but the very thought of the long break evokes indelible memories of time spent celebrating the languor of those hot days. Time when you either slow-travelled (quite literally on lumbering trains) long distance to spend time with annoying cousins and indulgent grands or took off in your dreams to places as fantastical as a fairytale; when Enid Blyton’s Secret Seven series or music on the radio defined your imagination; and who can forget the time when board games and doll houses were all you needed to cool off.

Precious time when you inadvertently curated moments to create memories of a lifetime.

As Nat King Cole sang ‘Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer; Dust off the sun and moon and sing a song of cheer…’ summer holiday is a period when time is no longer a measure but an enchanting phase of happiness.

Happy holidays! And let me know your favourite summer holiday memory…

PS: Wanted to share a request from a long-time Friday reader, Divya Karani. As Divya’s friend Riffat Merchant, a primary school teacher in Dubai, makes her debut as a children’s book author, Divya was hoping Friday could publish a picture of Riffat holding her book. So here it is Divya, and best of luck Riffat.

Riffat Merchant

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