If you think your thoughts are caused by the events occurring around you, then all you have to do is read Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret. I know most of you would’ve read it already, but it is one of those self-help books that will always be relevant. Whether you are in a state where you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel; unable to see the way out from the maze or if the dilemmas and dichotomies of everyday life begin to overwhelm you, this is one book that I believe has an answer for them all.

But what makes The Secret unique is that it empowers you, giving you the confidence to believe that you are the master of your universe.

And if there are some of you who have read The Secret, but are still sceptic of its philosophy, then I urge you to read the interview with Craig Henry.

Even though he is just 30 years old, Craig has seen enough physical pain and mental agony to last a few lifetimes and has given up on life on several occasions, not finding the strength in his spirit to lift himself and overcome. Thanks to severe sciatica, Craig spent prolonged periods of time in the hospital, underwent surgeries and at times felt lonely and sidelined. But it was the team of caregivers who picked up Craig in body and in spirit and healed him in every which way.

In his book, The Cared For, Craig thanks them all for never losing hope – even when he did – and most of all for treating him with empathy and respect, which brings me back to the reason I started this note with The Secret. Gratitude, the book emphasises, resonates a certain positivity that is on a higher frequency than the one tied to all the caveats we attach importance to.

Perhaps a heart-felt thank you is all we need to say to set ourselves on the path of healing.

Happy Diwali...

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