Did you always want to be an MC?

Honestly, I always wanted to be a chef; yes indeed a chef. In 2000 I majored in Hotel Management and Business Tourism Management to pursue my career as a sous chef. But while working in the kitchen and hosting events, I came to realise that I’m so good in presentation skills and giving out easy briefs to my fellow assistant chefs, but yet again the career path twisted when I got a job offer to become a flight attendant for a well-known international airline fleet and took my career path to the next level.

What made you decide that this is the career you wanted to follow?

While being a flight attendant, I realised that my voice tonality grabbed the attention of passengers, especially when announcing the flight trips over the PA system. From that moment I found out that my voice could really be a good asset to people’s entertainment.

Was your family always supportive?

Big-time yes; my mom was my biggest support. Back in high school, she enrolled me in drama classes, talent shows, dance classes and public-speaking courses. My sister Dina helped me conquer my body language, presentation skills, and voice control and scriptwriting skills. My brother Michel assisted me in conducting proper verbal talks for corporate entities and my father funded me for extracurricular classes outside school hours.

Share some of the most unforgettable moments from your long career?

My latest and most unforgettable moment was meeting with Prince Albert the Second of Monaco. I totally enjoyed my presentation while hosting a private event. And I am hopefully awaiting an invitation to travel and host the F1 in Monaco. Other unforgettable moment is being part of the biggest well-known families and hosting their private and public events such as Danube Home, Danube Properties, Madi International, Nazih Beauty, SIAL Abu Dhabi, Expo 2020, Samsung Gulf, Shanghai Electric, Afrina Beauty Salon, Yoko Salons to name few.

How did you cope with the uncertainties caused by Covid?

I never quit, I managed to create a platform on TikTok and follow my dream. That dream was to host one day one of the biggest game shows ever done online for the Arab population. Gratefully with the help of multiple sponsors and support, I managed to reach a total online live view of 66,000 attendees per episode. A dream came true, so now I’m working on a bigger scale with TikTok Arabia to expand my show to make it more nationally and internationally known.

How do you keep yourself fresh and energetic considering the long and unpredictable hours of your work?

Now I am revealing my secrets (laughing); simple steps that I take into consideration before any event. First, I have a good night sleep; eat healthy food so I don’t feel tired and overwhelmed; drink a lot of water before the event and after the event with some ginger and lemon; go to the gym and do my weekly exercise, organise my time for meetings over Zoom or physically if needed, prepare my script and the understanding of the event before time, groom myself one day before the event. If time allows, I treat myself to a great spa day after the event to congratulate myself on doing a well-done job.

Five tips you would like to give to someone wanting to be an MC.

1. Plan accordantly and appropriately.

2. Practice. Practice. Practice.

3. Understand and engage with your audience.

4. Cope with your nerves.

5. Think positively.

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