Break barriers

To empower people with communication neutrality. This superpower will provide the ability to read, write, speak and understand any language – everything from Hindi, Urdu, French and Spanish to Klingon, Dothraki, Binary, and so on. The world wouldn't feel so threatening, and I will use it to make people tolerant and this world a better place to live in. - Ashok Mehngi

Rewrite the past

If I could get the superpower to travel back in time, I would do everything that I regret not doing when I had the chance. I would rewrite my past with the help of all the knowledge, positivity, strength and willpower I have gained now. - Reena Shebeaun

Fly high

The superpower of flight because it was my childhood dream to fly. I would use this superpower to see the world from the sky. - Mrunal Kankarej

Gift of health

To make everybody physically fit and healthy – since health is the foundation of all happiness. A healthy and fit body is a divine gift to mankind. - Neena Ravindran

End inequality

To curb the discrimination in the world, as people feel inferior when they are discriminated against. People can live wherever they want and take up any job of their choice. - Salwa Mateen


To be a super mum. If I could take away the pain and hurt from my daughter’s future, keep her safe and happy always, and give her a bright future, it would all be worth it. - Sakshi Saini

Solve mysteries

I would like to have the superpower that would enable me to find out what happened to the flight MH370. This would reassure the relatives and friends of the passengers who are still struggling to know the facts. - Sureshbabu Bandi

See the future

I would love to have the ability to see the future. I would use it to comfort people going through a hard time. I would also use it to avert disasters or financial loses for my family. - Marryam Yasir

Mind reader

Reading minds as it would help me understand what people are thinking, and what their opinions of me are. It would also solve problems such as crimes by taking action before it happens, saving lives of hundreds and prevent miscommunication and misunderstandings. - Shiza Hajira

Power of flight

If I had the superpower to fly, I would take off to different parts of the world to tell everyone to follow the example of the UAE, where people of different nationalities live in harmony, peace, tolerance, freedom, safety and happiness. - Molly Pereira

Mind reading

It would be interesting to know what others around me are thinking and how they feel about themselves. I would use it for a good cause, such as helping people look at things from a bright and positive perspective. - Gayatri Ramchandran


I would like to have multiple powers so that I could use them depending on the situation. If I forget to do my homework, I could stop time, or if I wanted to travel to any country, I could create a magic portal to take me there. - Salwa Abdulrashid

Power of love

I would like to have the power of love. And I would use that to fill everyone's heart with love for all and make this world a beautiful and safe place to live in. - CA. Shakira Kungda Shaikh


Making others feel better. Whether the pain inflicted upon them was caused by me, or by any other person/ event, relieving that physical, mental or emotional pain would give me immense joy. - Trishna Sharma


I want to be courageous enough to stand up against all odds without flinching. Courage is very important and is the primary human quality that guarantees all others. - Stian Alex

Change moods

To change the moods of people. By being moody and not paying attention to the beautiful things going on around, people are missing so many opportunities and experiences. - Sara Kiran Mathew

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