Avoid gimmicks, fad diets and stop comparing yourself to your friends. These are my top tips for 2017.

Don’t fall for gimmicks: Say goodbye to anything that says low-fat, sugar-free, fat-free and ‘diet’. These are gimmicks that play into the fear we have of fat. Make sure 80 per cent of the food you eat is from unprocessed sources.

Don’t give into deadline dieting: Going on a diet for your next upcoming vacation/ wedding/party is just going to make things worse once the event is over. Eat clean and focus on working out regularly.

Don’t starve: When you starve your body of good calories, your body starts to compromise on a lot of important functions like burning fat efficiently, giving you enough energy and keeping your mind active. Eat enough calories so you get your essential nutrients to run your body efficiently.

Don’t skimp on fat: Eating good fat is very important. Consume more ghee, butter, avocados, nuts in the day – but consult a doctor/nutritionist first. Your craving for sugar and the wrong carbohydrates will subside, making you more efficient at burning fat.

Don’t quit: Falling off the wagon is part of the process. You will have days when you can’t say no to that burger or can’t stop snoozing your alarm to wake up for the run. It’s OK to have a few bad days – just don’t quit.

Comparison is the death of joy: Stop comparing your body and your lifestyle to your friends. Find what works best for you and stick to it consistently to see a difference.