Food for thought

I enjoy lots of sections but the one I really like is food. Whenever we find a new recipe, my mom and I decide to make it. We have so much fun together preparing the dish. Looking forward to new and more delicious recipes. — Yasmine Thabet


I really enjoy reading this section in the magazine because of the different themes of recipes every week. It encourages me to try and cook different types of food for my family. Although I would ask for more vegetarian and vegan options. — Ashrutha Anand


Glossy and vibrant

The fact that it is glossy and vibrant attracts me. Generally, I like the contents and devour all features on topics like depression, toxicity and pet therapy. The travel section offers lots of guidance. The sections on beauty and food are also inspiring as is the last page by Suresh Menon. — Kovid Ranjan

Travel lover

As a travel enthusiast I always turn the pages to the travel section before reading anything else. The coverage is elaborate and the pictures are fascinating. — Sureshbabu Bandi



I love to travel and explore and the travel section helps me plan my destinations. I also like the People and Profiles section as it highlights issues and offers tips on how to deal with different situations. I particularly enjoyed the story of a toddler who developed a phobia of water after a near-drowning experience and how his mother fought to help him overcome those fears. It offered plenty of life lessons. — Lamiya Siraj

Picture perfect

I like the Gallery section. I admire the photographer who can determine the viewpoint and perspective of the image he or she has in mind and enhance the composition by capturing it in such a way as to attract admirers. — Neena Ravindran


Creative outbursts

I enjoy reading the storytellers section and writing for it. It is fascinating to see the creative minds unleashing their potential. It fine-tunes your thoughts with those of other people from diverse backgrounds. — Shivam Mathur


My personal favorite is the ‘storytellers’ section. It is a platform for people to share their outlook on everyday problems. It includes perspectives of different people on much asked questions. Some of the pieces shared here are ideas that are practical and applicable, while the others are stories that are fun to read. — Gaurav Makin

Stories to share

I enjoy the Storytellers section a lot. Every person has a different thought and I think it is a good medium to express theirs. The section also helps us to get to know the minds of people. — Shiza Hajira

New experiences

Sharing thoughts and experiences with others in the Storytellers section and learning from their pieces is the highlight. The topics given are inspiring. — Huda Kausar Mukeri



My favourite sections in the magazine are the Storytellers, travel, gallery and books section. I am a student and am always looking out for new books to expand my knowledge and vocabulary. — Prisha Shah


My favourite section is Storytellers as it inspires and instills values with its social connect through the power and influence of storytelling. It is therapeutic as it helps view situations through a different lens. — Zeya Azmi

Sharing thoughts

Storytellers is the best section. It is a platform where readers and writers can share their views and all people are free to express their thoughts. — Pranav Singla

People matter

The people section in the magazine is my favourite as it offers a peek into the lives of many inspirational, motivational individuals. I’d look forward to more such features next year. — Revathi Narayan


Fun with words

I love Suresh Menon’s articles. He has a wonderful way with words. I also like the Ask the Experts and the Storytellers pages. — Seema Anthony

The entire package

I enjoy the entire magazine; it is tedious to choose only one section that I enjoy. The Storytellers column always lives up to its name and provides a beautiful insight into the writer’s life and how they perceive the world. Gallery is another feast for the eyes. Features about people in the UAE always fascinate me, while the fashion and beauty sections keep me up to date with the trends. The experts offer good advice and Crossword and Sudoku tickles our brains. The Food section provides a culinary touch to the feast. — Aarya Ajith


I enjoy reading almost all sections of Friday – fashion, health, information, entertainment news. It keeps you updated. — Shaista Asif

Star struck

I’m drawn to the Stargazing section. There might be no real truth in it but I still want to know the prediction of my star sign. It feels like a ritual and I know millions of people were born on the same day, at the same time, but, irrationally, I think, I’m going to read something unique about myself. — Asmit Choudhary

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