The truth

Courage to speak the truth amidst all falsehood around. It is the courage of the few that keeps the light at the end of the tunnel on and our belief in honesty and humanity alive. – Nafisa Naaz

The school vibe

Certainly, the brilliance and vibrance of school life – from high-voltage teaching to free periods, sharing of lunch with friends; fun, laughter and togetherness. – Asma Gilani

My cat’s love

I know this sounds silly but I hope that the love my cat Chanel has for me continues unabated. – Tanya Guzder

Forever young

I would like to stay young as I like to dance and when I get old I feel like I will not be able to dance. – Anabel Anto


For me, friendship should never change. – Rajeswari Nandeeswar

Online learning

I’m exciting to learn through online classes but repeating the same thing is boring. I hope this excitement never changes. – Kohna Baviskar


I hope faith is always alive. It is faith and courage that keep one going. – Amtesh K Kohli

A mum’s love

Mother’s love for her children will never change as long as this universe and mankind exist. – Sunita Santosh


What I hope remains unchanged is the caring and considerate attitude of people towards each other, which has surfaced during this difficult time. – Binifer Kaushal

My family

I might disagree with my family sometimes, but I will never want to change them, because they make me who I am. – Inaya Danish Zaidi

Human spirit

The collective, indomitable human spirit that stands up to every change, learns new lessons and establishes new ‘normals’. – Sheeba Jojo

Bond with friends

I hope my bond with my close friends from school remains same in university regardless of the distance between us. – Disha Baldawa


I wish my kid would be innocent when she grows up as well and continue to love us unconditionally. – Aswany Vimal

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