Terrible tote

A friend once gifted me a hideous tote in red and gold which was too garish for my taste. It never saw daylight, ever. – Sheeba Jojo


On my 7th birthday, instead of getting me Legos and puzzles to build, my parents got me books to read. I hated that gift back then. – Disha Baldawa


The worst gift I received was quite possibly the very same gift I’d given my friend three months earlier for her birthday. Incidentally, this gift was given to me by someone else! – Hina Singh

Messy make-up set

I am not into make-up so once when I was gifted a make-up set, I really had no clue what to do with it. So I regifted it. – Gunjan Gangwani


I feel there are no bad gifts, it is always the thought that counts. One of the most unusual (read ‘recycled’) gifts we got was a packed bedsheet set – unusual because we had gifted it to them three years earlier. – Amit L

Empty box

A friend gave me what seemed to be a really heavy gift for my wedding. The next day when my wife and I opened it we were surprised to see that the box contained nothing but waste paper. Truly, I never felt more insulted. – Muthulingam

A bookmark

The worst gift I received was a bookmark that a friend gave me for my 9th birthday. It was made of a thin piece of paper and barely a few days later, it ended up crumpled. – Anabel Anto

Glass box

The worst gift that I have ever received was a glass box. I feel, if you really must give a gift, give something that would mean something to the receiver. – Kirthika Padmanabhan

A gift card

The worst gift I received was a gift card. Although this allows me to buy whatever I want from a store, it tells me the person doesn’t know me well enough to get me what I like. – Sanvi Rupnar

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