An antique clock

The home is no place for cricket but rules are meant to be broken, and in the midst of my excitement while playing, I hit the ball towards a priceless antique clock in our living room. There was a dull thud and my mum’s favourite clock lay shattered. – Omar Ramee

A Phone

As a child, I broke my mum’s phone so we could get a new phone and I could play games on it. – Disha Baldawa


I really missed going to the park and playing on the monkey bars so decided to make a DIY monkey bar with the curtain rods. As I tried hanging from the rod like a modern-day Mowgli, it came crashing down, destroying the clamps, rod and curtain. – Serah Saju Jacob

A glass

I was carrying it when it slipped. I could literally see it fall in slow motion and then boom, glass pieces everywhere. – Mariyam Suha


A treasured, hand-painted, blue pottery figurine that had been gifted to my mother by a friend. Ever after three decades, a little guilt lingers. – Sheeba Jojo

Dinner set

A dinner set that my mother gave me at the time of my marriage. I kept it in a safe spot for almost a year, wanting to use it in my own, new house. But while moving home, a carton slipped from my hands and the set crashed to the floor. – Zarina Arshad

Glass bowls

A set of glass bowls. I was trying to reach for a few plates that had been kept at the back of a cabinet when I accidentally knocked the stack of bowls, and bam. – Zobia Fatima

So many pots

I was in a decor store with my two-year-old daughter having fun talking and explaining to her about the various pieces around when my little finger mistakenly touched a pot. It fell onto the next pot and within microseconds three pots had toppled to the floor. – Rajeswari Matam


Two years back I broke a treasured Swarovski crystal that had been gifted to me by my close friend from Austria during my first visit in the mid-90s. – Eappen Elias

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