Quick meals (think two-minute instant noodles) are easy choices, but some prefer more elaborate preparations. Here’s what readers have to say about go-to recipes when they’re rushing to prepare a meal.


That one dish that’s quick, easy and filled with medicinal values. The ease in preparing, aroma when seasoning and the look of it when garnished with coriander is all I want to make it my “go-to-dish”. – Lakshmi Anuradha

Two-minute Noodles

There’s nothing in this world that can compete with noodles. In two minutes your dinner is ready. And there’s nothing that can go wrong while making it. – Mariyam Suha Jabbar

Rice and dal

Dal, tempered with a little ghee and cumin with rice, and my family and I are good to go. – Indumathi Arasu

Veggie noodles

Frying the shelled peas, grated carrot, the chopped tomatoes and the shallots takes time. But once seasoned and set upon the table, the noodles are all but gone. – Hariharan Nageshwaran


I keep boiled and shredded chicken ready in the freezer so sometimes I make quick sandwiches with cheese and served with a glass of juice. – Niamat Karmally


A scrumptious biryani accommodating fresh spices and delectable rice topped with fried onions. – Navneeth Suresh

Dal and rice

My go-to-dish for dinner used to be dal-rice or fried rice. – Priyanka Maheshwari

White sauce pasta

It’s tasty, easy to prepare, and is relished by all, adults and children! – Advay Dutta


This Turkish eggs in garlic yoghurt dish takes five minutes to prepare. – Sarika Saini


Sea bass or sea bream, smothered in a light marinade and grilled to perfection with a side of grilled veggies... yum! – Sheeba Jojo

Chicken roast

Lemon chicken roast, braised with honey and herbs with baked vegetables on the side. – Michael Guzder

Burmese khowsuey

A warm noodle-based dish with loads of flavours of chicken and rich coconut milk with plenty of garnishing. – Sangita Nair

Instant noodles

Tear the pack. Empty the content in a bowl. Pour water and keep it in the microwave for five minutes. Bang. My dinner is ready. – Fatma Farid

Noodles with fried egg

A bowl of instant noodles with a fried egg to top it off is a family favourite. – Gayathri Rajeev

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