Personalised playlist

I wish smartphones would detect my emotions and recommend songs to me accordingly. – Disha Baldawa


I wish cameras in smartphones could turn into a telescope – that would just be amazing. – Zobia Fathima

Auto disconnect

An auto-disconnect of a call whenever a person is being rude or using abusive language, with a message “I am sorry, we do not allow such language.” – Amit L

Reminder to stretch

I wish my smartphone could give out a vibration if I’ve been on it for more than a few minutes. It could beep with a reminder like “time for that ten-minute workout, get up and go!” – Srimathy Hariharan

Mood detector

A feature that detects your mood swings and body temperature and can instantly make you feel better by giving you motivational pep talks that move you to becoming a better person every day. – Zoha Yasir

Auto turn off

To switch off after a certain number of hours of usage; sometimes we don’t seem to realise how long we have been on it. – Sunita Santosh

Macro camera

I wish there would be a 64mp macro camera inside a phone, so I could take breathtaking views of tiny insects and flowers with amazing clarity. – Manvir Singh

Stop foul language

A programme that can end foul language to help reduce cyber bullying and increase mindful cyber awareness. – Srikar Kolla

Diet watcher

An app that would instantly track my food and start beeping loudly when I have reached my maximum calories permitted for the day. – Michael Guzder

Free music

I wish that there will be free music or podcasts (with no need for Wi-Fi) so I can listen to them while I’m jogging with my mother or when I’m bored of watching YouTube videos. – Irene Thomas

3D screen

I wish smartphones had a 3D screen display especially during video chats so as to get a feel of face-to-face conversation. – Shikha Dixit

Alert people

I wish smartphones could sense if there were dangerous people around. It could warn if somebody was lying in wait for us. This smartphone feature might lessen rape and trafficking cases. – Anabel Anto

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