From Thai and Swahili to Hindi, our readers have embraced words from different languages that best encapsulate their feelings during the coronavirus pandemic.


There’s a word in Thai, pronounced kār yxmrab, which means acceptance. – Zobia Fatima


“I like the night. Without the dark, we’d never see the stars.” During this Covid-19 pandemic when life is getting really difficult and as I go on with my life in quarantine, I have really felt that now is the time we should all be optimistic because beautiful things are waiting for us in the future. – Mariya Jobi


What I am experiencing now is fear, and this can include the types of fears that are very similar and experienced by everyone, such as a fear of dying, a fear of their relatives dying, or a fear of what it means to receive medical treatment. – Huzeifaism


Sitting at home I feel nothing but boredom. I don’t want to do anything, but I come up with something at the end of the day. – Saju Jacob


Currently, my mental attitude is very positive about life. I am trying to make the most of my time by learning new things that interest me. – Angila Mansukhani


The word “porumai” in Tamil, meaning “patience”, is indicative of my current mental state – though at times the word “porum” contained in it, meaning “enough” in colloquial-speak, may be more appropriate! – Jaya Mahalingam


Staying with family is one big blessing from the Almighty. So the best word for my attitude now would be the Arabic Alhamdulillah. – Fatima Kauser


There’s the Hindi word, Dhridta – steadfastness – that comes to mind. One has to be rock solid, with conviction that “this too shall pass”. Most of us are privileged and have little or no reason to complain. Yet, we seem to slide into bickering about trivial things. This is when my “dhridta” kicks in and I tell myself and my friends to count our blessings and move on. – Binifer Kaushal

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