I don’t know about you but in my case, love hadfound its wings and was sitting on the windowsill, threatening to fly off. Let me explain. It all started sometime last year. Not sure when exactly – was it at the start of the pandemic itself when husband and I were squabbling over real estate as far as establishing our respective home offices were concerned? Or was it a little later when we realised we were incompatible lunch partners on week days as we could never agree on a time to meet at the dining table? It could also be when we couldn’t come to an agreement on whose turn it was to do the dishes after lunch.

Familiarity leads to… you get the drift. It has not been easy – this spending 24x7 for almost 365 days with each other. Suddenly those tiny, so-called cute, idiosyncrasies take on a life of their own and begin to play mind games with you. First you lose your sense of humour, then your sense of judgement and the last straw is when you think you are losing your sanity. I was almost there.

All those global reports of Covid-19 having a debilitating impact on what were earlier strong relationships not just validated but heightened my anxiety.

What pulled me back from the edge and put me on the path of healing was getting back into the routine of going back to office. All of a sudden meeting colleagues – even the grumpy ones – felt therapeutic.

Such is life I guess. I understand that now. What I still don’t understand is how couples who are close colleagues as well manage to stay together. Hat’s off to them.

Love is great in a relationship, but space I believe is non-negotiable. Let me know what you think…

PS: Happy Valentine’s Day.

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