From the faraway and exotic, to more mundane destinations, Friday readers tell us about a place they're eager to visit.

Where I am

I stay in Abu Dhabi and I would love to be here only right now. It is very comfortable here; I appreciate the work done by the authorities as they are keeping us safe and protected. – Munira Miyagamwala

In the wild

I yearn to be in the woods, walking unmasked on a trail, taking in the earthly scents, watching squirrels chase. I wish to feel the rough trunks and the fallen pinecones, sit amid the wild bluebells, hear the wildlife awaken and taste dew drops dripping from the wild foliage. I just want to feel my senses reawaken unhindered. – Dr Smita Padmanabhan

With my son

As a mother of a young son who is stuck in Texas, US, I wish to be there taking care of him, ensuring his safety. – Sunanda Mohan

At my school library

I miss reading comics with my friend and classmate. We would read off the same page and be in a tearing hurry to finish the story before our short break got over. – Srimathy Hariharan

In school

I’d love to be back in school with the pupils. My present job with Gems Education entails supporting, mentoring and overseeing the quality of education in a few schools here and due to the lockdown I miss the buzz of school life. – Michael Guzder

In search

Anywhere where there is no Covid-19 so I can lift my mask, enjoy social life, relax in the sun, have a beach party, have no salary cut, enjoy the beautiful weather and do lots of shopping. – Rubina Khader

On the beach

Relaxing, breathing in fresh air at the beach and getting some sun while still maintaining adequate social distancing. – Huzefa Alfarid Mistry

At home

I am at home in Dubai and feel safe here. I don’t feel like being anywhere else since I am with my immediate family and that’s heaven on earth. – Aswany Vimal

In Manali

I would like to be in Manali in India, between the valleys and the green pastures or hiking on a snow-covered mountain with my friends. – Disha Baldawa

Enjoying street food

I would like to be in mid-2019 enjoying street food with my family, surrounded by people. – Padma Arjun Krishna

Where the heart is...

Singapore, because home is where your daughter is; and home is where your heart is. – Srivalsan Murugan

In ranchi

I would love to visit Ranchi in India and enjoy the rainy season. – Bhoomika Dutta

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