The first brush with romance in our lives invariably comes from a book or a movie. It is then not surprising that many of us fancy our real-life loves to embody some of the character traits of these iconic romantic leads.

From the unwavering devotion of Noah Calhoun in The Notebook, the infectious effervescence of Geet Dhillon from Bollywood blockbuster Jab We Met, to the wit and eccentricity of Chandler Bing from the TV series Friends – these timeless characters continue to tug at our heart strings.

Not matter how seemingly perfect your partner might be, Meher says your relationship might not be a bed of roses

Dubai-based life coach and author Meher Mirchandani identifies six popular screen characters who have their pluses and minuses when it comes to relationships, and suggests what to keep in mind if your partner is someone like them.

Noah Calhoun from The Notebook

The perfect example of a partner, Noah is one perhaps most women would prefer to age with

Noah in many ways, is an ideal man – faithful, simple, strong and always helping those in need. He has a strong relationship with his family and friends. "Respectful and a devoted lover, he is extremely passionate, the sort of soulmate who would go to any length to keep his partner happy," says Meher. Here’s a guy who is dedicated and devoted to his love and will not give up on her come what may – a trait every woman would desire.

The perfect example of a partner, he is one perhaps most women would prefer to age with. Truthful, trustworthy and devoted, he has a special charm that is hard to resist. That he ticks the boxes for his old-world courtship styles is evident – remember him writing one romantic letter every day for 365 days?!

If you are someone who believes in the importance of trust at the emotional, physical and spiritual level, or are fascinated with the notion of true love and second chances, he is your match, says Meher.

But remember he is also someone who won’t take no for an answer.

Keep in mind that your relationship might not be a bed of roses. Keeping the sparks of love alive would be a bit of hard work in that you would be expected to display your endearing love for him often and regularly. You would also have to keep proving your loyalty to him – again, something that could become tiring at times.

Anna Scott from Notting Hill

This is a character who might come across as tough, but deep inside she is a soft and gentle person

Here is a woman who is undeniably glamorous and beautiful. She holds the mirror to every man’s dream, her smile melting hearts. Years of ceaseless filming, tabloid exposure and interviews not only made her knowledgeable about the inner workings of Hollywood, but also gave her a mature approach to life. Although she tends to view things pragmatically, she also has a strong romantic streak. Independent and courageous, she is confident about her choices and is not shy to announce the love of her life to the public and the paparazzi – something that gives her great joy.

This is a character who might come across as tough, but deep inside she is a soft and gentle person.

She loves her independence, so beware! Says Meher: "Don’t intrude into her space, or she might just bite."

If you prefer someone strong, yet simple, this woman could be just your match. Be ready to take the plunge, but also remember that having a strong and well-known partner could mean that you too are constantly in the public gaze. So even though you share a deep connection with her, weigh your choices well, and remember give her ample space.

Raj Malhotra from Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge

His positivity and zest for life are sure to capture hearts

Here is a protagonist who is guided quite clearly by his principles. He is not one who believes in sacrificing or dying for his love, nor will he want to elope and break hearts of family members. He is the kind of guy who is a bundle of surprises. Though perceived as a Casanova, he will be a complete family man when he gets to meet the woman he is convinced is his true life partner. Honest, charming and smart, this is a man of his words. A stickler for principles, he is unlikely to break the trust of not just the woman who has captured his heart but also her family members and his friends.

He may have a playful nature to his character, but his positivity and zest for life are sure to capture the hearts of all those who he interacts with. He is also a man who will leave no stone unturned – while always playing fair – to win the heart of his lady love. So be prepared to be swept off your feet.

His joie de vivre is contagious, his antics innovative and endearing. A fun lover, prankster, a true romantic who counts his father as his best friend, while having the ability to impress his lover’s entire family... If you wonder what else could you ask for, you might need to temper your excitement a bit. That he is the kind of guy every young girl dreams of, and with his ability to woo women easily, he may be someone his spouse might need to keep a sharp eye on.

There could be moments when he attracts uncalled attention to himself and in case you are someone who is fiercely possessive, you might begin to believe you have competition.

Rachel Greene from Friends

She’s beautiful, successful, interesting and charming, but Rachel’s fervour and zeal can also be demanding

This is a woman who is all about her friends and relationships. While she is caring and loyal to her tribe, she is also strong-headed and fiery. A true go-getter – whether it’s in her dating game or career. She is extremely confident and independent unlike any other, making her an instant hit with everyone. She may be a trendsetter and a feminist, but for the best, says Meher. She is attractive, stylish, down-to-earth and kind, always ready to help those in need and do what she can to spread cheer, happiness and sunshine to one and all.

Beautiful, successful, interesting and charming, a partner like her will add truckloads of zest to your life.

But be warned: her fervour and zeal can also be demanding – if you can’t get to terms with it.

If you are looking for someone quick-witted, funny and assertive, this person checks all boxes. Blessed with a vivacious and energetic personality, she will help you grow and love your life with a positive perspective. Ordinary, yet so extraordinary, she will make your life shine for the better. But remember, she is not easy to please. When you enter into a relationship with her, be prepared to face the extraordinary, says Meher.

Chandler Bing from Friends

His sarcasm and quirky outlook on life could be endearing for some, but at times these traits could also become annoying

This is a guy who has a sarcastic bone in his body and has a heightened fear of commitment. He may come across as a tad neurotic, says Meher, but in reality he is funny, loving and a compassionate friend. A true 3am pal, he is a patient listener and is the go-to man for advice. Open and honest about his own issues, he nevertheless does not hide them or dwell on them and enjoys living life to the fullest. His eccentric vibes and charm may be infectious, but he is not one who is supremely confident about himself or his abilities. His unique and quirky ways make him more relatable and likeable. In short, he is the boy-next-door.

Nothing heroic, yet special. Not witty, but fun-loving, not a star, a true charmer – this is the kind of person who could strike a rapport with just about every woman.

So is there anything not to like in such a personality? There could be, says Meher. "His sarcasm and quirky outlook on life could be endearing for some, but these traits might also be annoying when you are not in the mood to taste some wit." If you prefer your man to light up your life with his humour, this is your type, but be prepared to smile through his sarcasm.

Geet Dhillon from Jab We Met

Geet is a woman who makes her own rules and does not hesitate to stand up for what she believes in

Here is a woman who lives in her dreamland and walks to her own beat. She might come across as a fiery headstrong woman, but there is something vulnerable about her. She is carefree, yet cares for strangers, says Meher. Her forte is self-love and she does not hesitate to speak her heart out. Admirable, but at the same time not someone you can fool around with.

This is a woman who makes her own rules and does not hesitate to stand up for what she believes in. The flip side is that her vivacity and positivity can on occasions lead her to make mistakes, but she is brave enough to acknowledge them. She not only has a strong opinion on everything, but ensures there is never a dull moment when she is around. Adventurous, fun-loving and innocent, she believes in living life in the moment.

So, what kind of a partner would be her perfect match? For a woman whose reactions can often be OTT, a partner who believes in living life to the fullest and flaunts his heart on his sleeve would be just the one, says Meher. Remember, someone one who is constantly thirsting for adventures won’t make it easy as a partner, so you need to be prepared and get into the relationship with your eyes wide open.

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