There are moments when words are not required to articulate a sentiment, emojis suffice. And I am in the midst of one such moment. And the emoji that best describes what’s on my mind? The girl with rolling eyes. The reason? Adele getting trolled for losing oodles of weight.

While on one side there is a mammoth group of those who believe they have lost a champion of their cause – XL people can excel in life too – on the other side is a group of the so-called cerebral kind who believe Adele has sold her soul to the devil by becoming like any other pop artist trying to use her pretty face to make it big in the superficial glamour world. Seriously? With one Oscar and innumerable Grammys under her belt, she’s one person who definitely does not have to prove her credentials to anyone.

And that’s what is exasperating me most. How easy it is for us to sideline all that the artist has achieved or the immense talent she has and focus on the inconsequential. And it is inconsequential, because the rants ignore the fact that all these years Adele was battling her love for junk food and alcohol, all of which along with possibly the emotional debris from failed relationships had played a big role in how she looked. So by losing weight Adele not just gained control on her health but her life too.

Talk to the hand – or the emoji equivalent – sceptics and naysayers.

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