A common misconception about foundation programmes is that they are only designed for students looking to fill the gap between their current level of knowledge and qualifications and the level required for gaining admissions into a university. While a foundation programme certainly helps in bridging this gap, it is much more valuable than that.

Rajinder Sharma, Associate Professor and Head of the Degree Entry Programme at Heriot-Watt University Dubai, elaborates:

A head start on university life: Acclimatising to the university environment right after high school can be challenging for some students but by enrolling in a foundation programme, students can get a taste of the university life in a much more supportive environment.

A more mature study environment: There are students who would like to see their abilities being challenged beyond what is possible in high schools. Foundation programmes are suitable for such students.

Discover your field of interest: Heriot-Watt University Dubai, for instance, offers three foundation programmes which include Engineering/Computing, Management/Psychology and Design Studies, instead of generalised foundation programmes. At Heriot-Watt, foundation students can further assess their potential career path and undergraduate plans by connecting with undergraduate students and academics through various activities that take place on campus.

For students who would like to see their abilities being challenged beyond what is possible in high school, foundation programmes are suitable for them, says Rajinder

If you wish to study at a British university in Dubai, and are looking for ways to bridge the gap between your high school qualification and demands of a foreign university degree, Heriot-Watt’s Degree Entry (Foundation) Programme is the right choice for you. Please visit 
hw.ac.uk/dubai for more information.

Take advantage of the HWUD Community Award, a new scholarship scheme that will run during Ramadan this year. Students will be offered a fee reduction of Dh8,000 for the September 2021 intake if they apply and pay the tuition fee deposit by May 15, 2021. This special scholarship is available to all foundation, undergraduate or postgraduate applicants. For more details, call 
052 213 9432 or email dubaienquiries@hw.ac.uk.

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