Chaotic to say the least, a churning of thought and attitude, or a chasm that has divided us forever on grounds of belief… literati is going all out to define the year that has been. But at the risk of stating the obvious, I believe the year 2020 transcends all purview of logic. There is no adjective or superlative that can aptly describe what we have just survived.

And now as we step into the new year, our spirits battered by the relentless onslaught of fear and anxiety, we hope for healing, the kind that needs more than just a topical first-aid treatment.

While we know assuagement of these battle scars is going to be a painful, long-drawn process, we forage for positivity to anchor our treacherous journey into the tumultuous future. Positivity that emanates from building wholesome relationships, sifting out toxic clutter from our mind, body and space, and most importantly, from establishing that broken connection with ourselves.

We know it is going to be tough as we will continue to carry the baggage of 2020. Bent down by the onerous load of anguish and distilled wisdom, we will take the painstaking path to change. A change that shall be the cure.

So, as we step out of the new normal, here’s wishing you all a new better...

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