1. Do they make you feel happy when you are with them?

So many people fail to examine their own feelings objectively when it comes to happiness. Feelings of satisfaction, joy and security when you’re with your partner are clear signs the relationship is on a positive trajectory.

2. When the chips are down, are they are the first person you turn to for support?

Feeling that you are emotionally supported by your partner is essential to building a long-term future together. If you regularly turn to them expecting support and are left wanting, then it may be time for a few second thoughts.

3. Do you laugh together, even when things go wrong?

Let’s face it, life is not always a bowl of cherries. If you both can laugh together, even in times of adversity, the likelihood is you’ll stick together.

4. Do you share similar values and hopes for the future?

When it comes to life’s big questions; your values, ambitions you have for yourself, the direction you want to take your life in, it’s good to be on the same page. Common values and goals help smooth the journey ahead.

5. Do you communicate easily, both verbally and on a non-verbal level?

A life partner needs to be someone with whom you feel at ease, someone with whom you can talk endlessly or not talk at all. This is something that usually becomes apparent very early on in a relationship.

6. Can you be yourself around them?

Going into a relationship believing that you can change the other person is a recipe for disaster. That feeling alone should set the alarm bells ringing. You need to be loved for the person you are, not the person someone wants you to be. Feeling that you can both be yourselves, rather than having to conform to another’s view of what they think you should be, ultimately leads to a greater chance of happiness.

[Two couples, one married for love and one had an arranged marriage, talk about what the experience has been. It’s as dramatic as you’d expect!]

7. Can you see yourself growing old together?

Simply being able to visualise a long-term future with someone else is a clear indicator you’re with the right person.

8. Do you feel the relationship helps you grow as an individual?

If your partner allows you to grow in positive ways, enhancing your confidence about yourself, supporting your ambitions and you do the same for them, then together you will move forward successfully as a team.

9. Can you spend time apart as well as together?

Enjoying being in each other’s company is a given for a successful relationship, but time apart can also give you chance to assess how you feel. Taking some time apart can give you real insight into how you feel when you are without each other.

10. Can you argue, but always resolve it productively?

Arguments are part of relationships. But they are only healthy in a relationship when they are resolved productively.

If they serve as a way of undermining and manipulating the other person, this is a sign there is something else at play. Resentment and unhappiness left to fester and flourish may require the whole relationship to be re-evaluated.