1. Small talk before business talk

“It’s tempting to dive straight back in and talk business – don’t! Start with some small talk first to re-establish the rapport you built up last time. This doesn’t have to be lengthy, but it does need to happen first before you jump into the business element of the conversation.”

2. Consider your body language

“Remember to shake hands, smile and give good eye-contact. This needs to be remembered for each meeting, not just the first one. The physical contact builds trust, so do make sure your handshake is a good one – get some feedback if you are unsure. A poor handshake and greeting can create a poor impression, so make sure you don’t leave yourself open to that.”

3. Remember something they said

“They’ll likely have said something about a forthcoming holiday or something interesting happening within the business the first time you met; try and think of a way to bring that back into conversation in a natural way. It shows you listened and may help you connect on a personal level. There’s a fine line between interested and stalker, though, so don’t mine their social media accounts looking for a way in!”

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4. Jog their memory about you

Whether it’s a job interview or a business meeting, you’re there to “win” something, and it makes sense to quickly remind people what it is you’re after and that you’re now hoping to take it further. In terms of a job interview, you obviously wouldn’t remind someone which job you’re applying for, but it could be advantageous to say something like: “I don’t know if you remember because I’m sure you see lots of candidates, but I was very interested in your charity work last time we spoke and I’ve read up on it a little...”