A warm bath, a cosy bed and a soothing bedtime story... Sleep shouldn’t be far from your baby, right? Wrong. Research points out there are innumerable new parents who are faced with long sleepless nights as their newborn’s disturbed sleep pattern keeps them awake and tired, leaving them preplexed about what could be the reason for this poor sleep hygiene.

Reiterating the importance of good night’s sleep, Pampers’ Karim El Fiqi, Vice President Baby Care Middle East says, "Sleep plays a crucial role in babies’ social being, affecting their affability, alertness and ability to participate and interact with their environment."

In an effort to help parents find the right formula to fight sleep-related issues among babies, Pampers offers tips that can help change the outcome and improve your lifestyle until your baby is a little older:

Change diapers strategically: While changing your baby’s diaper just before bedtime is a standard practice that ensures your baby is comfortable before sleep, it is advised that you change the diaper before a feed. This simple step ensures your little one naturally falls asleep during or immediately after the feed. Aiding in the process is new Pampers Night. Its Absorb Away Liner pulls wetness and mess away for the skin to help keep babies comfortable, and its Air-Dry Channels create space for air to flow freely inside the diaper for breathable dryness all through the night. Actually, Pampers Night has been recognized by Product of the Year’s annual "Best Of" Awards for the baby category. "Pampers Night range helps babies to enjoy a night of uninterrupted sleep and wake up ready to take on the world," says Karim.


Swaddle your baby: A swaddle helps babies feel safe and secure and keeps them comfortable and warm, helping them sleep more easily and for longer periods. A swaddle also helps babies from startling themselves awake. A tradition for parents for countless years, swaddling is a sure thing to help not only your baby sleep, but also you the new parent.

Limit the length of daytime naps: It’s not always an easy task waking a sleeping newborn, but too many long naps during the day can hinder the amount of sleep you and your baby get a night – contributing to exhaustion. If your baby is sleeping anywhere past two or three hours in the day, wake and feed them before trying to keep them awake for a short period. This can make a big difference, and breaking up sleep times is an excellent way to boost sleep patterns at night.

With these easy steps, babies will be able to sleep properly for longer periods of time which will not only help them grow into healthy individuals but will ensure a more restful night for them.

Mrinal Shekar