Heritage Girls School is a prestigious fully Residential Girl’s School in the Outskirts of Udaipur, Rajasthan amidst the beautiful greenery, surrounded by hills, and next to Lake Bagela.

What are the academic ethos at Heritage Girls School?

The academic environment of Heritage Girls School encourages the girls to hone their talents, and develop their intellectual and creative curiosity so that they remain lifelong learners for the rest of their professional and personal lives.

What is the academic programme at HGS?

The school is affiliated with the CBSE and the CAIE up to XII grade. Options are Science, Commerce, and Humanities streams at the Higher Secondary level.

What is the Heritage Leadership Programme?

The programme aims that “Every young girl is a LEADER”. The school assemblies, the group discussions, the co-curricular, sports activities encourage girls to take charge, articulate their opinions, and sharpen their organisational skills. The shy introverts are drawn out of their shells to a winning attitude, building high self-esteem and confidence in them. Effective public speaking, strong communication skills, event management, team building, delegating responsibility, and resolving conflicts are some of the takeaways. This then becomes to imbibe stronger and deeper values of good governance, ethics, relationship building and people management.

Heritage Girls School also organises TEDx events

The HGS-MUN, the HGS Grassroots Policy Forum, the Inter-school Debates, and TEDx platforms fall under The Greater Scope of Education where these skills are practiced.

What is the USP of Heritage Girls School?

The first batch of 2014 has been taught to welcome new students with love, affection, compassion and respect. This has been passed on every year to all the students. Hence the culture of the school remains until today with zero instances of any form of bullying either towards their peers or new students. We have the Buddy Concept that helps the new boarders bond with the older students. This has been one of our USPs and this will continue year on year. 

The school remains a “home away from home” for the students in every aspect. Students are eager to come back to school after their holidays. The school remains to be the safest boarding school in all respects.

What is taught at the finishing school?

Communication Skills, Budgeting, Conversation Techniques, Assertiveness Training, Awareness of Global Happenings, Diction & Articulation, Event management, Team Building, Cultivating Personal Magnetism, Dealing with Difficult People & Delegating, Goal Setting, Personal Grooming, Appropriate Dressing, Dining Etiquette, Planning Meals & Being a good Hostess.

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Debating/MUN Club, Music Society, Dance Society, Photon Club, Theatre Society, Community Service, IAYP, Home Science are some of the clubs the students can join.

We organise TEDx, MUN, Annual Sports Event, National Cooking Competitions, Outdoor Adventures, International & Domestic Educational Tours, and many more in the pipeline. 

For more information, email care@heritagegirlsschool.com, call +91 820 9958 653 or 941 4043407, or visit www.heritagegirlsschool.com.

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