Dress it up with colour and cloth

While changing the colour palette of your living room area might be a big ask, you can still add bright hues that are summery as well as festival appropriate. Wondering how? Upholstery. The neutral shade or the natural material of your sofa set can be a great starting point, say the UAE-based home décor experts. Using that as an inspiration, layer the aesthetics of the living room by adding a rug in eye-catching print and colours; or cushions and curtains in rich fabric, bold prints or pastel colours; or a stunning runner adorning your dining or coffee table, adds the expert. Clever use of textile is a fail-proof way to give your living room an instant festive makeover.

Still want more? Look for an accent chair that stands out not fits in. Opt for rich, jewel-tone fabric for added style, advise the interior décor experts.

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It’s (w)all good

If you have been playing it safe with your feature wall up until now, it’s time to add a little drama to it. Change things up with mirrors that add a sense of space, photo frames that could be conversation starters or light fittings and candleholders that not just highlight the wall features but add a warm, welcoming glow to the room. Since accent walls or those given a special treatment, work wonders in XL living rooms, say the design experts, those who live in small spaces need not lose heart.

Place an oversized picture frame or a mirror with an opulent frame on the wall to make it the focal area of the room. For more impact, keep it at eye level. Want to take it further? Invest in a piece of furniture that has timeless appeal and occupies the accent wall’s space perfectly. A console with antique finish or an elegant mantelpiece is an example. But a caveat: Do not overcrowd the room with décor accessories. Less is more.

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Centre of attraction

Coffee tables occupy prime real estate in a living room. Celebrate them with decor objects that are either quintessential or quirky. To keep things interesting, play with height and variety, say experts. From a small pile of books, a collection of trays to beautiful flower vases or tall candle holders, an eclectic mix of décor pieces go a long way in adding glamorous harmony to your table.

Accessories in metallic finish are another great way to amp up the décor, especially during the festive season. But it is also important to note that this advice does not work if your coffee table has enough design chops to show off. In which case, keep the décor minimalistic, say experts.

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Promoting positivity

As much as the aesthetics of the room, the vibe it exudes is equally, if not more, important. While plenty of natural light helps in creating an ambiance that spells optimism, refreshing fragrance from non-toxic essential oils, scented candles or fresh flowers in a beautiful vase, they all will help you to unwind after a stressful day or uplift your mood on days when nothing seems to go right.

If you wish to create a cosy, pleasant atmosphere this Eid, play with light and shadow created by soft candlelight and gorgeously coordinated florals, perfect for entertaining small crowds, the experts add. While beautiful diffusers are quite a rage currently, indoor plants and small terrariums also add a fresh element to your home.

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