It’s that time of the week when demanding kids want more than just your time, the to-do list is showing no sign of ending and that weekend seems a distant dream. All you want is some respite. A few precious moments when you can just take a deep breath, gather yourself and reset your mind and body.

While you might find the time to do so, there is a chance finding a place that is a haven, an escape from all the chaos around us, is rare. With Covid-19 making personal space all the more valuable, a few Dubai-based interior designers offer tips on how to create a getaway spot right in your home where you can escape to after a hard day at work for some ‘me’ time.

Take it out

Sometimes, fresh air is all your need to rejuvenate yourself. So whether you have a supersize backyard or a small balcony, turn it into your own private spot, says fashion and interior designer of Vareta, Varoin Marwah. "A fluffy floor cushion or a comfy bean bag and some scented candles or fairy lights are all you need to create your space in moments," he says.

By the window

In case you are not fortunate enough to have that outdoor space, place a plush bench or a chair with oversized arm rests and, more importantly, a foot rest against the window, hang a wind chime or a dream catcher for that extra serene vibe, and a plant or a vase of fresh flowers, and you might have to fight off tresspassers, says Antara Roy of AR Interiors.

Wash away your worries

You might’ve heard this on several occasions but we cannot reiterate it enough – that tub in the bathroom has magical powers. A bath bomb in your favourite fragrance, a wash cloth/back scrub and a some candles are all you need to wash away the stresses, says Payal Lalla and Richa Pahuja of Design Lab.

By the bed

While our bedroom is supposed to be that space where we sleep off our worries, a recliner chair with soft cushions in a corner and a floor lamp next to it is enough to get you into relax mode, says Antara.

Picture perfect

A photo gallery of your favourite people and favourite memories, says Antara, packs enough power to instantly put a smile on your face and forget all that bothers you. Time travel, she says, is a great way to unwind.

Work cum pleasure

You might find the idea contradictory but when space comes at a premium, small changes in your home work space can transform it into a quiet spot, says Antara. Just dim the light, switch off that phone, brew some fresh coffee and you’ll feel recharged to take on the world all over again in a jiffy.

Home stretch

When you feel the world around you is crashing down, roll out that yoga mat and practice a few asanas. A home gym, say Payal and Richa, not only helps you save some money but allows to work out all that niggles you. You don’t have to invest in expensive, bulky equipment, instead get a couple of dumb bells, weights or an exercise ball, stuff that can be put away under the bed when not in need, they add.


Anatara suggests creating a softboard where you can pin your favourite pictures, inspirational quotes or a souvenir that help you declutter mentally and emotionally. This can either be in the kitchen or in a corner away from public eye, she says. Often, one look at this collage of little things is enough to connect with yourself all over again.

TV or gaming zone

Aren’t there days when all you want to do is slip into your pjs and slouch in the couch. A nice comfy couch, a TV or a gaming console is all you need for this stress buster. Add a few decorative pillows to the sofa and a soft throw or blanket, and cosy up, says Namisha Uttamchandani of Serendipity Interiors.

Tea or coffee station

An assorted box of your favourite flavours/brands of tea, a 
kettle and an oversized, cheery mug placed on a bright tray is more than what is needed to transform your cosy corner into a magnet that helps draw your stresses away. If you have a couple of your favourite authors for company, it’s bliss, says Payal and Richa.

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