Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)


Looking at the planetary setup for you for 2020, Aquarius, a single word comes to mind – and that’s flexibility. As an Aquarius, you’re inquisitive by nature, and in that sense you are, indeed, flexible. You love learning about things but, at the same time, you’re very sure you know what you enjoy. You’re also intrigued by new developments.

However, as you’ll discover during the year, often circumstances would seem determined that you’ll experience something very new and unfamiliar. In a way it could be said that this cycle began in March 2019, when your ruler Uranus moved to accent the structure of your life. This began an eight-year cycle. With Uranus remaining there until 2025, events and your own feelings of restlessness will have you rethinking how and where you live and your activities out in the world.

True, it might be that events themselves will force you to rethink things or it might be that you’ll begin to get restless and want to do things differently. Judging by the planetary activity of 2020 this is exactly what you’ll have on your mind. If there’s anything that will be challenging, it’s balancing what might be described as the two influences you’ll be dealing with. While, on one hand, you’ll be dealing with the powerful influence of Pluto, the planet of truth, which is positioned in the down-to-earth Capricorn. With Pluto remaining there until 2025, this isn’t about a single day or a single plan. Many of the new insights will occur because of both Saturn on March 22, and Jupiter on December 19 both actually moving into your sign. Because Saturn takes quite a long time to go around the zodiac, almost 30 years, it visits a sign only rarely, and it’s actually been in the down to earth Capricorn and in the most strategic part of your chart since late 2017. This temporary visit to your Aquarius, from March 22 until July 1st, 2020, gives you a taste of what that new world would look like. That may sound very strange, but Saturn is the planet of focus and achievement, and when it’s positioned in your sign, you’ll get a taste of exactly this.

The trick to dealing with all of this, therefore, is to recognise that tempting as it is to make a single plan, it could limit or restrict you. If you make a plan, you want it to involve exploration, and even making changes that once you might have dismissed as unlikely – or you might even make changes that come from out of the blue. Again, as an air sign and somebody who’s inquisitive by nature, you’re happy to explore what’s going on – but actually undertaking those changes is quite another matter.

During this particular period, you’ll want to try things out and learn from what arises, benefiting from the twists and turns that are very much part of this cycle, but resist the temptation to make or commit to a single plan, at least right away.

With Uranus shaking up the structure of your life, and with it being your ruling planet, as well, you’ll be doing what might be termed ‘redefining’. From your way of living and thinking and perhaps to a certain extent your identity, you will be rethinking your priorities. as well. Recognise that and instead of worrying about making that single decision, you’ll realise what a fascinating and exciting journey you’re on, and you will enjoy every day of it.

Love and Close Relationships: Don’t be surprised to find that while you’re suddenly closer to certain individuals, others who’ve been central to your life are less significant. This shift may be temporary, result of this swift-moving year, or lasting. You needn’t decide. Destiny will do the job for you.

Finance and Business: Tough, thorough Saturn begins 2020 in the most strategic portion of your chart, then moves into Aquarius from March 22nd to July 1st, triggering an extensive review of what works and doesn’t. Final plans? Only after December 17th, when it moves into Aquarius to stay.

Health and Well-being: You’ll be so busy thinking about improvements in what you’re doing and new plans that living well and fitness could seem unimportant. On the contrary, during periods of change such as this, looking after yourself is a vital investment in the present, and in your future.

Pisces (February 19 - March 19)


For you, as a Pisces, 2020 could be puzzling – if you didn’t understand the nature of what you’re dealing with. There’s a tremendous focus on situations involving others – possibly family, friends, loved ones, or even colleagues and neighbours. It’s a combination of these, but with powerful planetary activity accenting these individuals and your relationship with them, you’ll find that there are various circumstances in which you either need to lend a hand, encourage someone else to do something, or perhaps even get involved. These circumstances could have to do with everything from the world around you to something in your neighbourhood or to do with family or friends.

And with these planets in this part of your chart for much of the year, it may well be that certain situations appear in different forms over the period of the year. But what’s most important, from your point of view is, first, that you define those situations clearly – not that you act swiftly, but that you be very sure what needs to be done and who’s in charge, but also this is about you gathering facts.

As a Pisces, you’re highly intuitive and also inquisitive, yet sometimes in your passion to get things done, you’ll trust that intuition without gathering the solid facts to back things up. And that will be very important during this year of change. With three of the most powerful planets positioned in earth signs, and in the down to earth Capricorn for most of the year, this won’t simply be about facts – it will be about having the kind of information you need to ensure that things are done properly. And that’s where it could be a bit tedious simply because you’ll find that if you assume things are one way, and then discover you’re wrong, it will only complicate matters. So it is important that you slow down and gather fact before making decisions.

However, this also has to do with being able to organise things in a way that they are beneficial to you. There’ve been various situations that you’ve organised in the past which were helpful to others – but of a little benefit to you, and in a way that actually wasn’t fair. As you begin 2020, you’ll realise that it’s time to remedy this. And intriguingly, with the powerful Mars moving into the part of your chart that has to do with these practicalities in June of 2020 – to remain there for the rest of the year – this isn’t about a single day or a single issue. It’s about finding that balance, and in a range of situations. Ironically, in some cases this may have to do with you benefiting from an offer that comes from out of the blue. You might be tempted to share it with others. If so – don’t. Again, this is very much about you looking after yourself and your own interests.

But it will also have to do with standing your ground with others. Mars, the planet of ego, actually moves into Pisces on May 13 and remains there until June 28 – when it moves to accent those practical matters. And during that period of about six weeks from mid-May until the end of June, you’ll be conducting a serious review of where you invest your time, your energy, your ideas, - and in some cases your heart. This may seem a bit cold for you as a Piscean and somebody who is by nature generous and an idealist. Yet this kind of clarity isn’t just important, it will form the foundation for the rest of this year and for the activities of the years to come as well. It’s worth noting that with Jupiter, the planet of growth and development, actually moving into Pisces in 2022, this isn’t about a single day, - it’s about a period that will benefit you hugely. Keep that in mind as you live out the days of the year of 2020, and not only will you deal wisely with those twists and turns, what you’ve learned and quite possibly what you earn or manage to achieve for yourself will make it worth the effort.

Love and Close Relationships: Be wary of feeling you’re the only person who can deal with dramas or crises in the lives of others. Even if the individual is close, seek support. Often it’s there for the asking. This is also about balance. You need time for yourself.

Finance and Business: Making changes in elements of your work, lifestyle or both may seem a solution for unsettling situations. However, take it slowly, because the sudden and possibly welcome changes triggered by powerful eclipses in November and December could do the job for you.

Health and Well-being: Busy times are both demanding and rewarding. Consequently, when you’ve time to yourself, there’s a tendency to collapse or, possible, indulge yourself. Instead take a true break, going where you’ll be spoiled and can truly rest, relax and recover. And do it regularly.

Aries (March 20 - April 18)


For you, 2020 is about discovering what you truly want to do. However, this won’t happen because you plunge into a plan. Rather, you’ll be taken, possibly by circumstances, into new settings, or be cornered into dealing with things that either you have no intention of dealing with or which you’ve tried before and don’t like.

With your ruler Mars moving into your fellow fire sign of Sagittarius – and into one of the most inquisitive parts of your chart – on January 3, this is very much the theme. This could take you into new settings, into new places; you might travel, you might study.

Whatever it’s about, it’s about recognising that your opinions regarding certain situations, activities or even people may be based more on the past than on the present. Then on February 16, Mars moves into the down-to-earth Capricorn, and into what could be regarded as the most important portion of your chart, for 2020. It’s the part that has to do with the structure of your life, with where and how you live in your domestic setup, but even more with your activities out in the world.

With Pluto the planet of truth having been in that portion of your chart since 2008, you’ll already have had to face up to situations where destiny gave you a little choice but to do one thing over others. However, with Saturn having moved there in late 2017, and with it just having been joined by Jupiter in December of 2019, the powerful planetary focus is in this portion of your chart, it’s time you get more involved in the various obligations that come up instead of sidestepping them – something a clever Aries is known for.

But with your ruler Mars actually also linked up with these planets between mid-February and the end of March, you’ll learn quite a lot. And this is the highlight of 2020. While you may not want to get involved in certain arrangements, and may actually battle them in the way that only you as an Aries can do, you have another option. You could simply dive in. Do that, and you’ll learn a great deal.

It’s also worth noting that with Mars moving swiftly through the signs during the first half of the year, the odds are good that you won’t be alone in adopting this inquisitive approach. Either you’ll be working closely with others – friends or colleagues – or events themselves will shift, meaning that you’ll need to ask a lot of questions. Whatever the case, while this may slow your pace, you’ll learn a great deal in the process. Not only will you be learning from the circumstances you’re dealing with, especially about how you can achieve what you want to, you’ll also be dealing with the rules and regulations involved, so you’ll be reviewing your own priorities.

This is in preparation for the powerful second half of the year. On June 28, your ruler Mars actually moves into Aries to remain in your sign for the rest of the year.

This means that all of those situations you found so difficult; all those individuals whom you found challenging to deal with; and even those arrangements that you wished you could change, will begin to look very different, simply because you would’ve learned so much. But even more than that, during the second half of 2020, you will finally be able to turn certain long-standing goals into reality, and make them a part of your life.

The more flexible your thinking and the more willing you are to take chances and to explore, the more you’ll benefit from the twists and turns that dominate this thrilling year.

Love and Close Relationships: This is a major focus for you. The Aries New Moon on March 24 kickstarts chances, focusing on both passions you’ll focus on and alliances that need attention. But, also, gradually it’s clear what should go and what you, and others, want more of.

Finance and Business: Although you’ve a knack for dealing with unexpected events, others could worry. Take time to explain what’s happening or reassure them. This will relieve their anxieties and also mean they’re able to be helpful. And should you need to make swift decisions, they’ll be ready.

Health and Well-being: Most Aries go through periods of self-indulgence, then being obsessive about fitness. During this exciting but demanding year, it’s wise to focus on your well-being, so that you’re mentally and physically prepared for the year’s thrilling second half.

Taurus (April 19 - May 19)


In order to explore what 2020 means for you, Taurus, we have to go back to March 2019 when Uranus, which is the planet of innovation and the unexpected – the planet that’s all about breakthroughs – moved into Taurus for a lengthy stay. As a Taurus, and somebody who’s an earth sign and who is, therefore, stable, you’re always interested in what’s going on around you, but you prefer to investigate things and evaluate your options before you make any commitments. However, with Uranus influencing your life, things have been very different.

Intriguingly, as you begin 2020, your ruler Venus moves into your sign on March 5, and remains there until early April – and during that period, Venus actually meets Uranus in your sign, on March 8. This, alone, marks a real turning point, and it means you’ll begin to think very differently about changes and developments you’ve once questioned, if not avoided.

At the same time, with the powerful New Moon in your sign – the Taurus New Moon – that takes place on April 23, you’ll find that you’ll have a fresh viewpoint on various arrangements that you’ve regarded as unchanging. This is a theme for you. It’s also interesting to note that with the planet of focus, Saturn – which has been positioned in your fellow earth sign of Capricorn since late 2017 – actually moving to accent the structure of your life in late March, and remaining there for some months, until early July, you’ll find that this fresh perspective isn’t about a single day. It’s about a series of situations that you’ll be reviewing, debating and reflecting on.

But most of all, with Jupiter, Saturn and, for some years, Pluto, positioned in the part of your chart that has to do with broadening your horizons, that is exactly what you’ll be doing. It might seem as if you’re being cornered into exploring ideas or undertaking activities that simply aren’t your cup of tea. But with powerful planetary activity altering the circumstances of others, and reshaping certain elements of the world around you, this is no time to stick with what you know simply because it’s familiar.

With Pluto, the planet of transformation, having been in the down-to-earth Capricorn since 2008, and having been joined by Saturn in 2017, and with Jupiter currently positioned there, as well, this is very much a period of exploration and discovery. So, even if something didn’t suit you a while ago, if ever there was a time to explore and ask questions, it’s during 2020.

This is especially the case with the influence of the practical Saturn, positioned for some of the year in the inquisitive Aquarius. Most of all recognise that when Uranus moved into your Taurus, in 2019, you began an exciting cycle of discovery and growth – occasionally in ways you’ll have anticipated and even welcomed. Recognise 2020 as the year of discovery that it is, and not only will you enjoy its many twists and turns, you’ll also realise that what initially seems least appealing will, ultimately, be most important and exciting.

Love and Close Relationships: As much as you enjoy the routine of daily life with family, loved ones or friends, events are encouraging you to go to new places, especially those that are unfamiliar. You may hesitate at first, but soon you and others will be seeking out these fun spots.

Finance and Business: By nature, you’re happier sticking with what you know. But the stars are pointing you towards changes – some minor shifts but at least one something that forces you to both break habits and do a bit of study. Once you begin, you’ll enjoy it hugely.

Health and Well-being: In this year of changing habits, you’re also encouraged to rethink how you look after yourself, both in terms of what you eat and any kind of exercise. Note this isn’t about a regime, but rather fun activities and good food that also enhances your well-being.

Gemini (May 20 - June 19)


Perhaps the most important thing for you to keep in mind as you live out the days of 2020, Gemini, is that this is a year of discovery. It is, in fact, a year that involves two kinds of discoveries. First, you’ll be dealing with changes in the world around you, some unsettling, but many as intriguing as they are unexpected. As a Gemini, and somebody who has a rather low boredom threshold, these changes will indeed be intriguing. If there’s any problem, it’s that you’ll have very little say in most of them, and what’s more, they’ll have to do with topics you find rather boring.

With Pluto, Saturn and for much of the year Jupiter in the down-to-earth sign of Capricorn, this will accent life’s practicalities, finances – your own and those of others, and obligations – not so much the kind of social, trendy, fashionable or even intellectual ideas you really enjoy exploring. Yet at the same time, the more connected you are with others, the better you’ll feel.

It’s interesting to note that with Venus – which has to do with money but also with your social relationships, and especially close alliances – spending a very long time in Gemini, moving into your sign on April 3, and remaining there until August 7, this isn’t about a single day or a single experience. It’s about forming close relationships with others, or deepening relationships. But it’s also about meeting people who’ll add to your life in some way.

Once you understand that, instead of sticking with what you know or already regard as fascinating, you’ll begin to explore some of those changes previously mentioned. It’s also worth noting that with your ruler Mercury retrograde three times during the year – from February 17 until March 10 in the portions of your chart that have to do with indeed those new ideas; from June 18 until July 12, and equally accenting your resources; from October 14 until November 3, and in that case accenting your close alliances, your day-to-day habits and keeping a balance between them – the twists and turns that arise then will also accent questions about what’s in your best interests. While this may sound a bit dull for you, as a Gemini who thrives on new ideas, it’s more about developing a knack for learning to enjoy the unexpected – which is very much what this is about.

But there’s another core feature to this, and it has to do with a quality of inter-dependence, which doesn’t come naturally to you. And while many Geminis will, of course, link up with somebody as a partner in life, and possibly you’ll have partners in your working life as well, you still need a degree of freedom. You need to have a sense that you’re able to do what you enjoy and, ideally, when you want to.

Yet with the powerful planetary focus on the earth signs, and certainly with Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter positioned in earth signs, and with Uranus having just moved into the earth sign of Taurus last year and remaining there for some years, this isn’t really about venturing into such matters on a single day – it’s about what you’ll learn during 2020 and during the coming years. And that’s this year’s second variety of discovery. Make that variety of exploration your goal. Make learning how to find what others have to say about these matters fascinating. And perhaps even make getting involved yourself in such matters your own priority. Do that, and not only will you go from regarding these painfully dull to being intrigued by them, you’ll find them interesting, and profit from them, in ways you wouldn’t have imagined possible.

Love and Close Relationships: Most Geminis have a network of family, friends, colleagues and loved ones. Each is important to you; many will play a part in the chapter now beginning. Keeping them updated will be demanding but is essential.

Finance and Business: Because you’ll be busy exploring your options and dealing with lots of new activities, you’re urged to tidy up any existing arrangements of a practical, financial or business nature. This won’t be interesting but will ensure you’re free to move swiftly when things get exciting.

Health and Well-being: It’s not until you’re exhausted that you realise that, mostly, you run on nervous energy. While, ordinarily, that works, during 2020, you’re urged to be uncharacteristically conscious of the importance of eating well, and often enough, and equally, getting enough rest. It’s not just wise, it’s essential.

Cancer (June 20 - July 21)


As you begin 2020, Cancer, the odds are good you’ll be seeking some stability. Of course, as a Cancerian and somebody born under, on one hand, one of the Cardinal signs in the zodiac – the signs that begin each season – you thrive on starting things. This can apply to a project at home, whether it’s redecorating inside or creating a garden or, perhaps, an entirely new home – you enjoy the process. As a Cancerian, you thrive on the process of getting something to grow. Yet at the same time, over the past few years, you’ll have been dealing with eclipses – and these have shaken things up.

With eclipses on January 6 and 21 of 2019 triggering a shift in your circumstances, and equally in mid-July, and actually on December 26 – all in your own sign and in your opposite sign of Capricorn, and indicating changes – while you may have welcomed some of what arose, events are bound to have been unsettling. And mostly because eclipses are connected with your emotional nature and your desire for stability and security, you’re bound to have had lots of questions.

As you begin 2020 there will be a powerful Cancer eclipsed Full Moon on January 10 – and also be a series of eclipses in June and July, including the Cancer-eclipsed New Moon, and intriguingly a rare second New Moon in your sign, which is not an eclipse, on July 20. This is very much about twists and turns that, when you look back, you’ll recognise as breakthroughs. And that’s the key for you for dealing with 2020.

Plus, while you may not think of it this way, often as a Cancer it’s you who either comes up with a concept or gets things rolling. But because of a powerful emphasis on close alliances, it may be others who have the idea, or it may be that you devise the practical side of things. And with the dynamic Mars actually in the part of your chart that has to do with those practical obligations as the year begins, and with it moving to join those planets in the practical sign of Capricorn next, you’ll find that during the early part of the year, life is very much about working closely with others.

That independent, that rather entrepreneurial side of you is likely to come out mid-year when on June 28 Mars moves to accent the structure of your life, and remains there for the rest of 2020.

If you understand this, then you’ll also understand the many twists and turns going on around you, mostly triggered by those eclipses. And, equally, because you’ll have to deal with the ideas, plans and, often, desires of others, if you didn’t understand that in many ways this is all about discovery, you could end up feeling very frustrated indeed.

If, on one hand, you focus on what you can learn from others, then when the dynamic Mars actually moves to accent the structure of your life in late June, you’ll be dealing with exactly that kind of discovery and exploration you most enjoy.

Even more than that, with all those planets in the down-to-earth Capricorn, what you decide – either on your own or with others – won’t just be lasting and profitable, you’ll find that you have an enormous sense of achievement as a result of your efforts.

And that’s very much the message for you for the year. It’s to take things slowly, to learn what you can but also to recognise that each step you’re taking is moving you closer and closer to achieving goals, some of which you may already have in mind, but others that will be as unexpected as they are exciting.

Love and Close Relationships: By no means are you a control freak. However, you have a long memory, and still either distrust or haven’t forgiven certain individuals for past disappointments. Declutter your life of any such baggage. This will free you for the miracles to come.

Finance and Business: As always, you’d prefer to invest your time, ideas and enthusiasm in a sure thing. However, at the moment those are on shaky ground while new and untried concepts are far more promising. If you can’t decide, opt for a bit of both.

Health and Well-being: You don’t think of it this way, but if elements of your life are uncertain, you tend to regard looking after yourself physically as a distraction. It’s the reverse. There’s no better time to ensure you’re doing everything that ensures you’ll be in top form.

Leo (July 22 - August 21)


If we’re to explore 2020 for you, Leo, we have to go back to March of 2019, when Uranus, the planet that’s all about innovation and the unexpected, moved to accent the structure of your life. While your ruler the Sun moves through all the signs each year, spending about a month in each sign, some of the planets are much slower moving – and Uranus is one of the slowest. In fact, because it spends about seven years in each sign and takes 84 years to go around the zodiac, you probably won’t have experienced its influence on the structure of your life before. It moved there in March, and during 2020 you’ll find the range of circumstances seem to ask, if not demand, you to do things in a different way – and, often you won’t be at all pleased about it. In fact, it may seem a nuisance.

However, it’s worth noting that this will help you make the best of the breakthrough events triggered by the powerful presence of Pluto, Saturn and, for much of the year, Jupiter, in the part of your chart that has to do with your day-to-day life and with your job, if you go to one. Here, too, this is about changes – sometimes changes you welcome, but mostly changes that, first, aren’t yours to decide or deal with and which, second, seem to be taking you into territory that’s unfamiliar and, therefore, uninteresting if not annoying to you. But that’s really the point – with the practical Saturn actually meeting Pluto, the planet of truth and transformation, several times during the year, in this part of your chart, this isn’t about a single day or a single decision, as much as it’s about a series of events.

Yet, if you can overcome that impulse of battling changes, and focus on what you can learn, what you discover won’t just be interesting – it will lead to all kinds of excitement. The trick to dealing with all of this is to do something that is out of character for you, as quite a determined Leo. And that is, say ‘yes’ first, and ask questions later.

It’s worth noting that with the dynamic Mars – the planet of courage – joining those powerful planets and accenting this process of growth in mid-February, on the 16, and with it remaining in that part of your chart until late March, you’re in a period during which the more you ask, and the more you explore, the more you’ll enjoy what you’re doing and discovering.

Venus, which has to do with close alliances, friendships, and what and who you enjoy and brings you pleasure, meets Uranus in the part of your chart that has to do with the structure of your life during the second week of March. This is about taking advantage of the range of often unexpected events that come your way. Once you understand that, then when you experience heightened feelings triggered by the Full Moon in your sign – the Leo Full Moon on February 9 – instead of feeling uncomfortable, you’ll explore what arises.

And similarly, when the New Moon in your sign – the Leo New Moon – takes place on August 19, you’ll begin to explore. But most of all when the dynamic Mars, the planet of courage, moves into your fellow fire sign of Aries mid-year and you begin a cycle that’s all about exploring these options, you’ll realise that life is a lot more fun if you embrace the new and unfamiliar.

Love and Close Relationships: Usually time for relaxation and play is when you deepen relations with those closest. However, because you’re busy and the balance in your life has shifted, here, too, you’ll be making changes. While unsettling, this will revive and renew crucial relationships.

Finance and Business: Because 2020 will be unsettling for everybody, you’ll want to ensure your resources are in wise hands. Yet, also, your instincts will draw you to unfamiliar if not new pursuits or interests. The best approach is to explore these, while balancing them with familiar, and stable, arrangements.

Health and Well-being: You thrive on life’s joys, so when it’s quiet, you can overdo in an attempt to create some excitement. The trick is to seek out new and unfamiliar interests and activities. While challenging initially, you’ll soon be discovering a delightful world of people and pleasures.

Virgo (August 22 - September 21)


For you Virgo, 2020 will be a pivotal year, although you won’t necessarily know why as you’re living out its days. That may sound aggravating for you as a logical Virgo. Obviously, you like to know what you’re dealing with. And being a Virgo, if you can figure things out – both the ideas and goals you have, but also your challenges – life seems to make more sense to you, to be more manageable.

What’s more, with Saturn, Jupiter and, for some years, Pluto, all positioned in the part of your chart that has to do with those goals – mostly personal goals, objectives that have to do with who and what you care about most in life, but also activities that have to do with creative pursuits and what satisfies you – a lot of time and thought will already have been invested in examining what you’re doing.

It’s just that with powerful planetary activity during 2020 accenting exactly these matters, whatever you have in mind is likely to change – and change again. This is partly because of changes in circumstances. But, also, because of changes in your own perspective. First, it’s important to note that with eclipses – which are themselves about changes, having taken place in 2019, with two in January on the 6th, and the 21st, and then eclipses on July 2 and 16, and on December 26 – all indicating changes, as you begin 2020, you might be trying to impose order on these matters.

While that’s wise, with the eclipsed Full Moon on January 10 and the eclipsed New Moon on June 21 indicating a fresh perspective on these matters, you won’t necessarily be able to make a lasting plan. Actually, that’s good – because eclipses are about shakeups, and because eclipses on June 5 and late in the year on November 30 and December 14, are also all about altering the structure of your life. So if you made plans based solely on how things look during the first half of the year, then you’d probably need to rethink them during the second half.

While that may sound unsettling, if not just plain worrying, this is very much about keeping up with changes in the world around you. And because these changes will be dynamic and occasionally sudden, you could worry – if you weren’t already involved yourself in dealing with what arises. If there’s any challenge for you as a Virgo and somebody who thrives on analysis, it’s the fact that with so much in transition you want to be able to think things through in the detail that you usually do. Or, actually, better put – if you do think things through, changes after that will mean what seemed a logical conclusion isn’t that accurate, and that you’ll need to rethink things.

However, it’s worth noting that with Uranus, the planet of innovation and breakthroughs, having moved to accent these plans, and particularly your long range or far-reaching goals in March of 2019, and with it remaining there for some time, and with it being part of this vast plan of change and growth, what seems least expected could turn out to be best. And that’s very much the theme for you for 2020. It’s not so much about planning ahead or gathering facts, as it is about viewing yourself as a bit of an intrepid explorer – and exploring everything that arises out of the sheer joy of discovery, knowing that often what seems least expected could turn out to be best at least in the long run.

Love and Close Relationships: Nobody is better at giving a hand when and where it’s needed. But you’re less comfortable at being on the receiving end, when others are looking after you or, equally, when it’s you who’s benefitting from excitement, ideas or offers. Yet, clearly, it’s your turn. Just say yes.

Finance and Business: You’ve strong views about activities for which you should be paid versus those where you were lending a hand. In certain situations it’s vital you accept compensation for your ideas or efforts. Perhaps it wasn’t your intention, but it’s fair.

Health and Well-being: As an earth sign, you’re best with a routine, especially when it comes to rest, eating well and exercise. Yet this period is as unsettling as it is rewarding. Finding a new self-care regime may be challenging, but it will be worth the effort.

Libra (September 22 - October 21)


As a Libra and an air sign you were born with a gift for being able to manage other people. Of course, often it doesn’t seem this way to you. In fact, it may sometimes seem that you’re struggling with certain individuals – many of whom are tricky. Whether it’s family, friends, colleagues, or loved ones, it seems that whatever you do, they don’t seem to get the point. And for you, as a Libra and somebody who works hard to maintain a harmony, when you’re able to deal with those who’re wonderful, clever, and warm, it’s great. But, on the other hand, certain individuals are frustrating, and can be very difficult. However, you’re in a period during which your own life is changing, the world around you is changing and the circumstances of others are shifting, too – which means that even if you were able to manage people as easily as you usually can, this would be a tricky year.

By no means is this negative, but it does indicate that certain changes that you’ve already discussed may not go as expected and other things may appear from out of the blue.

Pluto, which is the planet of transformation, has been accenting the structure of your life for some time, since 2008, and it was joined there, in 2017, by the practical Saturn.

And now, with Jupiter there for much of this year, this isn’t about a single plan – it’s about a series of plans, some of which will involve things you’ve already been discussing, but others of which might be quite new. As a Libra who values harmony, those new ideas may make you roll your eyes heavenward with exasperation.

Yet at the same time, you’ll be intrigued – and you should be. It’s worth noting that with the dynamic Uranus, the planet that’s all about innovation, currently accenting close alliances of various kinds in your life, and indicating that those around you – that family, loved ones, friends or even colleagues will be coming up with exciting ideas, it’s about altering old habits. And with Uranus having moved there in March of 2019, and remaining there for some time, and with it brilliantly aspecting those planets that have to do with the structure of your life this year and over the coming years, this isn’t about a single day. It’s about a range of ideas that will themselves grow.

And this is the key to dealing with this year. As a gracious Libra and somebody who’s ruled by the planet of beauty and of balance, Venus, you’re usually able to deal with any difficult situation without others even realising there are any problems.

However, during 2020 – and especially during its last half, with which the powerful Mars is accenting close alliances, from June 28 until early January of 2021, you’ll find that whatever you do or decide others will try to take over, and will be very confident that their plans or ideas are far superior to yours. The fact is they might well be worth discussing. And this is the tricky part to this year. It’s to find that balance between maintaining enough control that you feel confident about what’s going on, but also listening to and, to a certain extent, yielding to the ideas of others.

Tempting as it might be to reshape things in a way that you think makes sense, if ever there was a year to allow the inspiration of others to shape your activities, it’s now, during 2020. Do that and not only will you learn a lot and benefit from it, you’ll also find an entirely new way of relating to those individuals who are closest to you.

Love and Close Relationships: Changes in the circumstances of others may be unsettling in the short term. However, each review or rethink leads to timely new ideas. Knowing that, not only are you encouraged to be flexible, the more willing you are to explore, especially unexpected options, the more you’ll benefit.

Finance and Business: The keynote here is teamwork. While, obviously, you’d rather make and settle on a plan, with the world around you and, often, your own needs changing, the more flexible both your thinking and your arrangements are, the better. Others may debate this strategy, but it’s your best option.

Health and Well-being: While you’ll have no problem looking after yourself, certain individuals and situations will be draining. Learn to set clear limits, from your time to how much you dwell on them and their dramas. Initially this might be challenging, but you’ll soon understand when to draw the line.

Scorpio (October 22 - November 20)


As a Scorpio, you were born under what is perhaps the most perceptive sign of the zodiac. While you are a water sign and highly intuitive, your ruling planet is Pluto, which is the planet of truth – which suggests that whatever it is you’re dealing with, you’ll be well aware of both yours and others’ feelings; but you’ll also be well aware of the need that plans make sense to others. Yet, with Pluto being very much about truth, you’ll try to stick with facts. This isn’t just important – you long ago learnt the importance of discretion and that, often, it’s better not to tell everybody everything, especially because certain facts can actually distract those around you.

During 2020 you’ll find that you have to make frequent and, often, sudden, decisions about what to say and what not to, what to explore and what to leave. These discussions involve both your own perspective and that of others.

This process of weighing up what you discuss will, in fact, be a feature of the year. With Jupiter, which is itself about growth and development, having joined Pluto in the part of your chart that has to do with the structure of your life late last year, and with Jupiter actually encountering your ruler Pluto three times during 2020 on April 5, on June 30 and on November 12, this isn’t about a single day or a single plan. It’s about a series of situations where you have the choice either to be rather discreet, if not secretive, as you’d usually be – or to be more frank or forthright. Yet at the same time, you’ll find you need to acknowledge that others may need a little more information or an opportunity to both think about and discuss certain matters. It’s also worth mentioning that with the powerful Full Moon in your sign – the Scorpio Full Moon – on May 7, around that time you may be feeling a certain sense of urgency about getting things done.

This is said simply because with Jupiter’s series of alliances with your ruler Pluto taking place three times, and spanning the entire year of 2020, whatever seems your best option one day is likely to change, and change again, as the year unfolds. This may be worrying to you as a Scorpio who tends to plan everything. But once you understand that most of these insights will be profitable, if not thrilling, then you’ll also begin to enjoy this process.

But most of all, recognise that with the dynamic Mars, the planet of action itself, moving to the part of your chart that has to do with practical matters, in the middle of the year – and remaining there until the end of the year, here, too, this won’t be about taking a chance, it will be about taking things slowly, exploring your options and, possibly, doing things in a new way. Mars moves into this most practical angle of your chart on June 28, and from that point onward, again, events will force you to try things out – even if you’re not particularly eager or even keen. You might even think in certain cases it’s unwise.

Because this continues until you move into the new year, as you live out the last half of 2020, you’ll find that what you discover isn’t just interesting, it will completely change your perspective on the number of matters that you’ve regarded as unchanging. And that is perhaps the greatest experience, message, and discovery for you for 2020. It’s not what you do or what you earn or who you meet that matters. But, rather, it’s about you discovering that there could be something far better than what you imagined possible waiting for you just around the corner – and that during 2020, that excitement could be the case more than once.

Love and Close Relationships: Stability in links with others is of huge importance, which is the reason that initially you could discourage, if not battle, events that are triggering changes. Yet as you learn more, you’ll realise these are providing timely and, as you’ll discover, profitable breakthroughs.

Finance and Business: The odds are good you’ll need to rethink if not substantially reorganise elements of your business or financial life. Disruptive, if not worrying, as this seems initially, these changes are introducing you to people and exciting, if not profitable, ideas that you wouldn’t otherwise have encountered.

Health and Well-being: During periods of change, such as this is, you seek stability in your daily routine and, often, how you look after yourself. However, because this is a year of breakthroughs, you’re better off experimenting with a range of activities, whether it’s at the gym or the sports you pursue.

Sagittarius (November 21 - December 20)


In order to talk about 2020, Sagittarius, we have to go back to the final weeks of 2019. If you’re into astrology, you may be aware that your ruling planet Jupiter was in Sagittarius for much of 2019. Jupiter takes 12 years to go around the zodiac, and so the year it’s positioned in your own sign is a year of both personal review and all about discovery. And with Jupiter having remained in Sagittarius until December 2, this isn’t just about a single day, it’s about the series of discoveries that had to do with your own life and your priorities. Yet with Jupiter actually moving into the most practical part of your chart on December 2, and joining the powerful Saturn and Pluto there, you’re beginning a cycle during which you’ll be thinking more about how you’ll benefit from what you do, and more about the down-to-earth matters indicated by these than about the variety of inspiring activity that has been your focus for much of 2019.

Consequently, as you begin 2020, with the practical Saturn, Pluto, the planet of truth, and your ruler Jupiter, all in the earth sign of Capricorn, and all in the part of your chart that has to do with practical matters and with the wise use of your resources – time, money, ideas, and even to a certain extent your affections – you’ll be thinking about that far more than usual. And while those insights in late December will have been important, it’s also interesting to note that with your ruler Jupiter actually meeting Pluto – that is, being in exactly the same position as three times during the year of 2020 – this isn’t about a plan, it’s about a series of insights that will enable you to examine the circumstances you’re dealing with, but also look at your own world from a new and very exciting angle.

This also means, therefore, that tempting as it is to make a single plan as a result of what arises early in the year, the wise Sagittarius will explore everything, show interest, make a tentative arrangement – if that makes sense. But you’ll also do something out of character, at least for you, and that’s organise things in a half-way manner. This may not seem normal to you – but by the middle of the year, when there’s a powerful eclipsed Full Moon in your sign, the Sagittarius lunar eclipse on June 5, and by the end of the year when the Sagittarius eclipsed New Moon, on December 14, brings an entirely fresh perspective on these matters, you’ll be glad you kept things flexible.

And that’s the key for you for 2020. While you’re by nature inquisitive, the presence of your ruler Jupiter in the down-to-earth Capricorn along with Pluto, the planet of truth and transformation, and the practical Saturn, may mean that you must be exactly that – far more practical than would be your inclination. But it also means that what you learn, what you discover and what you experience will be enormously profitable now and in the future.

It’s worth noting that as you come to the end of 2020, your ruler Jupiter and Saturn both move into the expansive and inquisitive air sign of Aquarius, and what’s more, the sign that is known for the dawning of a new era. And that’s very much what you’ll discover as you move into 2021, especially with those exciting Aquarian developments. But also be aware that what you’re learning and dealing with during 2020, and understanding the occasional dull practicalities, won’t just be profitable now – they could contribute hugely to your life now and even more as you move into the coming years.

Love and Close Relationships: By no means are you unfriendly. It’s just you know whose company you enjoy, so stick with them. Yet now destiny seems determined to broaden your horizons via new encounters, possibly with people you wouldn’t otherwise have met. Some will merely be interesting but others could be life-changing.

Finance and Business: With a powerful planetary emphasis on the wise use of your resources, you’ll be asking questions, gathering facts, then ensuring you understand them fully. While, initially, that might seem dull, what you learn about these matters but, even more, about this side life will benefit you hugely.

Health and Well-being: The presence of the clever planet Uranus in the part of your chart that accents both your physical activities and how you look after yourself indicates it’s time to broaden your horizons. The more you explore, the more excited you’ll be by the ideas and activities you discover.

Capricorn (December 21 - January 19)


In order to talk about 2020 for you, Capricorn, we actually have to go back a long way. We have to go back to the year of 2008 when Pluto, the planet of truth and transformation, moved into Capricorn for a very long stay. If you’re into astrology, you may be aware of this, but also it’s been positioned in your sign for so long that you may have forgotten what it’s like to live without its presence. As a Capricorn, you were born under what is perhaps the most down-to-earth of the signs, and being ruled by the planet of focus and order Saturn, the influence of Pluto won’t have been that new to you – except for the fact that Pluto isn’t just about truth; it’s about the process of transformation through truth.

So, it’s about facing certain facts and then doing what might be termed as shedding a skin – that is, letting go of a certain part of yourself, so that you can begin a new cycle of your life. But with Pluto having been in your sign since 2008, you will indeed have gone through several such cycles. It’s just that now, with your own ruling planet Saturn also positioned in this part of your chart, and Jupiter, the planet of growth and development there, as well, you’ll find that despite what you’ve learned, experienced or discovered, there’s still lots more going on.

For you, as a Capricorn, this can be annoying if not tricky – simply because you invest so much time, energy, thought and heart in various arrangements. So when something comes along and changes everything, it can be disheartening, or just plain worrying. However, you’ll probably understand this simply because of there having been powerful eclipses in your sign – in Capricorn, and also in the sign of Cancer – during 2019; the Capricorn eclipsed New Moon on January 6, a Capricorn eclipsed Full Moon on July 16 and as the year ended, a second Capricorn eclipsed New Moon on December 26th. So as you begin 2020, you’ll be acutely aware that twists and turns are very much part of life at the moment.

There’s one thing you want to keep in mind, and it’s that the planet linked to those changes is Jupiter, which is itself the planet of growth, development – and just plain good fortune. And with Jupiter actually meeting Pluto in your sign – in Capricorn – three times during the year, on April 5, on June 30 and on November 12, this isn’t just about exciting ideas. It’s about changes, perhaps, beyond anything you’d have had in mind. And that could be the difficulty because again, as a thorough Capricorn, you may have tried to organise things in one particular way – but there’s more to it than that to keep in mind.

The presence of Uranus, which is itself the planet of innovation, accents the part of your chart that has to do with who and what you most enjoy in life. Uranus moves through the signs relatively slowly. And it moved into that part of your chart and into your fellow earth sign of Taurus in March of 2019. It remains in that portion of your chart for some time, until 2023, and during this period it will be forming powerful alliances with your ruler Saturn, and ultimately with Pluto and Jupiter, as well.

But most of all, this is all about broadening your horizons – in terms of what you do and what you explore. It’s also about spontaneity, about doing things in a new way. And that’s a theme for you for 2020. It’s to allow yourself to take advantage of the influence both of the bountiful Jupiter and the inventive Uranus – to be impulsive, to do something out of character and take risks, especially when you’re in a tough spot. You may look adventurous to others, but during this particular cycle of your life, the planets are encouraging you to be adventurous as well.

Love and Close Relationships: While you care and commit deeply, between your own shifting circumstances and events in others’ lives, intense changes are likely. Stand back and allow these to take place. They’re part of a powerful cycle of growth.

Finance and Business: During this busy year, you’ll be exploring a range of potentially worthwhile options. Even if some are already working out, continue to broaden your horizons, learning from what you do and who you meet, always aware that what’s good now could just get better.

Health and Well-being: Be attentive to keeping things flowing in every area of your life, which means not allowing exciting ideas, events and encounters to keep you from looking after your physical well-being. Keeping a balance may, at times, be challenging, but the resulting abundant energy will justify it.