9 gemstones or Navratna stones and diamond polki double strand necklace in 18K gold; rings with Navratna stones and polki diamonds, MeenaJewellers
Stefan Lindeque

Planetary ruler: Mars


Stones: Coral or ruby

While 2020 was informative, it was also challenging, especially with your ruling planet Mars in Aries, from June 28 until January 6, 2021. The challenge? Spotting and acknowledging which activities and alliances no longer serve you, and exploring necessary changes. While, mostly, this is a relief, often letting go will be challenging, especially if you’re unsure what’s next. The solution? Making the best of your inquisitive streak, even if it means venturing into unfamiliar territory, personally, in terms of your work, relationships or even passions. Tempting as it is to make changes swiftly, settle in, devote at least the year’s first half to exploring your options. One thing will lead to another, often in ways as thrilling as they are unexpected. Final plans can wait until later in the year.

Love and close relationships

You care a lot about family and friends but that doesn’t always translate into doing what they enjoy or, possibly, learning from them. While, initially that requires patience, be flexible. You’ll not only be a lot closer, you’ll broaden your horizons in the process.

Finance and Business

Life’s about rethinking what you value. Yes, time and money. But also, think of

ways to broaden your concept of ‘investments’ from those of a financial nature to alliances and activities that reward you in new and possibly unexpected ways. The more you explore, the more you’ll benefit.

Health and well-being

Your instincts are probably already telling you a change in both your way of looking after your-self and eating isn’t just timely, it’s about defining the new you – a reflective walk instead of weights at the gym; or fresh, light food instead of wolfing down a steak.


Emerald and Diamond polki necklace, bangle and rings, Meena Jewellers
Stefan Lindeque

Planetary ruler: Venus

Colour: Green

Stones: Jade or emerald

You’ve been restless and probably seeking ways to turn the ideas spinning around in your mind into reality. This begins to happen, but not always as you’d imagined. The trick? Focus on the fact things are moving, not the gap between your vision and events. Gradually you’ll exchange concerns if not the feeling you should battle the unexpected to enthusiasm. Equally, youR mood will become more inquisitive. You’ll soon recognise unwelcome surprises as being a better – and improved – version of your own plans. Do that in a single area of your life, and you’ll begin to embrace, and enjoy, even unexpected events. What’s more, with the foundation on which plans are based shifting, what seemed your best option will change, possibly often. This variety of flexibility isn’t always easy for you, but worth learning to embrace.

Love and close relationships

You’re idealistic about relationships with your family, and even the wider world that includes friends and colleagues. However, ongoing shakeups raise questions about time, priorities and what’s wise to reveal. While there’s no single answer, each change deepens your understand-ing and closeness.

Finance and business

Ordinarily you’re superb at dealing with the practicalities in every area of your life and, also, exploring what’s new and potentially worthwhile. However, a range of changes mean rethink-ing each of these, including your time and affections. This process will be unexpectedly reward-ing.

Health and well-being

Familiar elements likr your way of eating or looking after yourself need to change. With Ura-nus, planet of breakthroughs, in Taurus, life’s about new experience. What’s more, when it comes to your ways of eating and looking after yourself, exploration is key.


Citrine and diamond neckpiece, earrings, bracelet and ring in 18K gold, Liali Jewellery
Stefan Lindeque

Planetary ruler: Mercury

Colour: Soft orange

Stones: Peridot, tourmaline, orange or garnets

With fiery Mars in Gemini from March 4 to April 23 you’re feeling enthusiastic about exploring new options, yet ready to focus on goals. This boosts your clarity about what things it’s time to say farewell to, an important step before you begin making serious plans for your future. The secret? Seek a balance. As you explore, consciously shed elements of the past that no longer work. While challenging, this clears clutter from the past, which enables you to explore, and benefit from, the exciting new encounters and experiences coming your way. Despite that, continue to explore. What seems the best option midyear could be exceeded by what appears later in the year and could soon become an exciting and, possibly, lasting part of your life.

Love and close relationships

So often you’re the one who brings magic to relationships, from family and friends to work. Now it’s time for you to stand back and allow others to take responsibility, not only for what you’ve shouldered for ages, but for adding something new.

Finance and business

You’re always interested in new ideas, but with fortunate Jupiter accenting the process of exploration during much of the year, it’s time to focus on meeting people, new ideas and possibly travel. This isn’t about sticking with the past. The more you discover, the better.

Health and well-being

While many Geminis have a superb health routine, as many plan to get around to it some day. Whichever variety you are, 2021 is about, first, changing your attitude towards such matters, then turning that fresh viewpoint into action. The results will be amazing.


Pearl beads necklace, bracelets and ring in 22K gold, Kanz Jewellers
Stefan Lindeque

Planetary ruler: Moon

Colour: All gems with pale milky shades

Stones: Pearls, milky quartz or moonstone

True, 2020 was all about breakthroughs, some planned, others unexpected. Consequently, you’ll be relieved to learn 2021 will be far less complicated – at least for you. With the planetary heavyweights, Saturn and Jupiter, moving to accent joint efforts, you’ll benefit from recent changes, some unexpected, and discussions, many still unsettled. Be patient. While it may take until midyear for things to fall into place, the outcome of even tricky shifts in elements or your way of living, working or close alliances will come together, wonderfully and in ways you’d never have imagined possible. The challenge? Playing it cool while destiny takes over. Equally, acknowledge certain longstanding alliances or activities must end to clear the way for amazing developments. Knowing that, look after yourself, physically – but also declutter your life of pointless plans, possessions and even passions.

Love and close relationships

Certain close alliances, personal or more worldly, have long needed to be discussed and updat-ed, but recent unsettling experiences made it difficult. Finally, changes begin. Still, take it slowly. You’re unlikely to have the necessary clarity until the Cancer New Moon on July 10.

Finance and business

Sticking with existing arrangements seem wise, but with the world around you changing so, too, must elements of your approach to work, money and life’s practicalities. The trick? Explore new ideas or offers, and get involved while avoiding fixed commitments. Then focus on learn-ing from those experiences.

Health and well-being

Often during the past year, you indulged yourself by eating too much or getting too little exer-cise. While, obviously, you weren’t alone in this, a new yet easygoing regime will get you ready for this exciting year’s exciting but demanding events, offers and changes.


22K gold necklace, earrings, bracelets and ring in rhodium finish with zircons, Kanz Jewellers
Stefan Lindeque

Planetary ruler: The brilliant Sun

Colour: All bright yellow

Stones: Orange & gold stones, bright tourmaline; also pure gold

For ages there’s been talk of changes in elements of your life, such as the way you live, work or in close alliances. However, you’ve managed to sidestep these. That may have seemed wise at the time, but with the planet of abundance, Jupiter, and practical Saturn both accenting joint activities and indicating the need to make such changes – probably a series of them – it’s time to plunge in. If you’re anxious initially, you’ll soon exchange those feelings for enthusiasm about what you’re doing and what could be next. True, this leads to shakeups in longstanding arrangements at home or out in the world. Yet you’ve long known these were overdue and, ironically, once you begin, you’ll wonder why you hesitated for even a moment. The secret to making the best of 2021? Be bold. Act swiftly and ask questions later.

Love and close relationships

True, you’re passionate by nature. Yet you firmly avoid even mentioning certain issues because you fear the problems they’d highlight. It’s time to discuss these and other similar matters. Move swiftly. Once you begin, it will be easier than expected and a huge relief.

Finance and business

While in some situations you’ll happily leave decisions to others, you always want to control major plans. Now, however, these require both others’ wisdom and cooperation. The sooner you recognise that, the easier, and more rewarding, the year’s changes will be.

Health and well-being

Everybody has had to review the way they look after themselves. This could mean reinventing your approach to your diet, fitness and even your style. Once you begin, you’ll realise you’ve changed, and this side of your life needs to as well.


Diamond necklace and earrings with pearls in 18K gold; diamond bangle in 18K gold, Malabar Gold & Diamonds
Stefan Lindeque

Planetary ruler: Mercury

Colour: Earthy shades of tourmaline

Stones: Peridot, beryl quartz or moonstone

Being ruled by the quick-thinking Mercury, you gather facts and turn them into lasting plans with amazing swiftness. Yet, as a sensible earth sign, you’ll be aware that before you can commit to anything truly far-reaching, you need to review what you’ve done and, even more, your future direction. This is wise. Take it slowly, aware that things are unlikely to come to-gether until the courageous Mars moves into Virgo, on 29 July, to remain until mid-September. By then, both circumstances and your priorities for the future will be clear enough, and you can plunge in with enthusiasm and confidence. The questions you’ll be asking will also get you thinking about elements of your life you’ve regarded as unchanging. Once, they were. However, doors are opening, in ways as unexpected as, often, they’ll seem miraculous.

Love and close relationships

Recently, you’ve been uneasy about the activities of others, family, loved ones or close friends. Mostly, however, they’ve refused to discuss your concerns. Now you realise these were more about your own doubts than their activities. Acknowledging this will be a relief, and change everything.

Finance and business

Tempted to reorganise life’s practicalities – from your daily routine and obligations, to work or arrangements with others? Don’t. The more flexible your thinking and approach to plans, the better. While, initially, this will seem strange, you’ll soon realise how much freedom you have.

Health and Well-being

No sign enjoys having a wellbeing regime to follow than Virgo – although you sometimes ig-nore it, then feel guilty. The trick during 2021 is to avoid any single plan and explore, both ways eating and exercise, especially those that seem far out. During 2021, they may suit you perfect-ly.


Diamond necklace and ring with ruby in 18K gold, Malabar Gold & Diamonds
Stefan Lindeque

Planetary ruler: Luminous Venus

Colour: Bright luxurious pastels

Stones: Soft blue sapphire, opal, some jade

Knowing you need to make decisions is one thing. But during 2021, frequent and often sudden changes in your priorities or plans, or you own circumstances or those of others mean lasting plans are unlikely, at least until midyear. Once that’s clear, instead of worrying about details, you’ll think about which elements of your life need to change, if not come to an end. Letting go won’t always be easy. However, the energy and determination triggered by fiery Mars’s move into Libra, on September 15, kick-starts a cycle of exploration. This, in turn, prepares you for the fresh perspective that comes with the Libra New Moon, on 6 October. The result is a clarity that enables you to let go of the past and focus on the thrilling events that have already come your way, and will during the rest of the year.

Love and close relationships

For you, close alliances with family, loved ones, dear friends and even colleagues are precious. However, that can mean you tolerate bad behaviour instead of standing your ground. Now, you learn to be tough. Sometimes it’s tricky but, as often, it’s surprisingly easy. And a huge relief.

Finance and business

Once you understand that the foundation on which pivotal plans are based is shifting, you’ll ex-change worries about organising lasting plans for exploring options, often along with others. If you must commit to anything even if it sounds improbable, ensure arrangements are flexible enough to make changes, possibly often.

Health and well-being

You’ll probably have found a wise approach to eating and looking after your physical wellbeing. However, changes could trigger anxiety. The trick? Exercise your mind, too – but in ways that relax it. Meditation is good, but many sports force you to concentrate in ways that achieve wonders.


Ruby-studded necklace with blue sapphire in 22K gold, Joyalukkas
Stefan Lindeque

Planetary ruler: Pluto

Colour: Deep onyx

Stones: Dark pearls

After years of being unable to make changes, mostly because of lack of options, you’ve learnt to make the best of life as it is. Yet as 2021 unfolds, changes in once-rigid arrangements open the door to new possibilities. Being a cautious Scorpio, you’ll take things slowly. However, oth-ers are worryingly eager to leap in. Instead of discussing this, back off and let them try. They’ll soon realise how wise you are to wait, watch and learn. Even if you do plunge in, final deci-sions are unlikely to come together until Mars brings its courage and initiative to Scorpio on October 30. That and the fresh perspective triggered by the Scorpio New Moon, on November 4 will justify instincts that said to wait, and equally, give you the courage to plunge into unfamil-iar alliances and settings.

Love and close relationships

You’ve long known changes were vital but said little. Actually, that’s wise, because the founda-tion on which they’d be based is still shifting. The trick? Discuss options with others but side-step decisions until late 2021. By then, you’ll realise how wise this was.

Finance and business

With practical Saturn accenting your assets, from property to income from work, you’ll be con-ducting a far-reaching review. You’ll learn a lot. The challenge? Actually making the necessary changes, and swiftly enough you benefit from them.

Health and well-being

As much as you enjoy certain activities, and are convinced they’re good for you, it’s time for a change. True, this means breaking familiar habits, learning something new or going to unfa-miliar places. Still, deep down, you know it will be worth it.


Tanzanite and diamond neckpiece, earrings and rings in 18K gold, Liali Jewellery
Stefan Lindeque

Planetary ruler: Jupiter

Colour: Deep blue or turquoise

Stones: Sapphire or bright topaz

Of the twelve signs, you deal best with change. Yet even you will have been wrestling with the recent unexpected events, some welcome, others less so, triggered by the move by both your ruler Jupiter and practical Saturn to accent discussion and new ideas, in late December of 2020. While some changes, challenges and conversations will begin immediately, as many will span the months of 2021. While, ordinarily, you enjoy stimulating conversation, once the facts are clear, you’ll make a decision, then move on to what’s next. However, life’s about a series of options, most intriguing but often a step to whatever’s next. Once you understand that, you’ll employ that relentless inquisitiveness of yours to discover what you can. And final arrange-ments? Probably not until Mars moves into Sagittarius, in mid-December of 2021.

Love and close relationships

Ordinarily, you’re the one who’ll be reassuring those contending with unsettling changes. Now that you’re facing your own, and the pace is frustratingly slow, you’ll need others’ support. This may only mean chatting about it or, possibly guidance on balancing your new activities and in-terests.

Finance and business

With things moving so swiftly and exciting ideas and offers flying around, you’ll tend to take chances. While that may have worked in the past, with so much new or unfamiliar, you’re urged to slow your pace and double check your facts. That alone will be amazingly informative.

Health and well-being

Most Sagittarians benefit from bountiful energy, at least physically. However, during 2021, the process of untangling past arrangements and, equally, gathering details on new options could exhaust your mind. The solution? Note what you learn, and talk those options through with others.


Smoky Quartz and diamonds neckpiece, earrings, rings and bracelet in 18K gold, Liali Jewellery
Stefan Lindeque

Planetary ruler: Saturn

Colour: Dark but glittery

Stones: Black and grey diamonds

The past year or so has been dominated by the clarity and superb timing that came with both your ruler Saturn and ex-pansive Jupiter being positioned in Capricorn. Their departure, in late December, has shifted your focus. While beneficial, understanding how to make the best of these changes will require patience. And this isn’t just about life’s practicalities. The focus is on broadening your horizons, meeting new people and exploring new joys. Some will appear from out of the blue but, as of-ten, you’ll need to take the first step. What’s most important is recognising things won’t come together right away. But, often, who and what you encounter in the process of exploration is as rewarding as what you finally achieve. The message from the heavens is to savour the journey.

Love and close relationships

For ages you’ve been aware of tensions between you and others, but haven’t known what to say or do. Now, events force these out in the open. Detail your concerns and feelings, and speak from the heart. Challenging as this seems initially, the resulting conversations will bring improvements, possibly overnight.

Finance and business

One of your most admirable traits is your practicality and thoroughness. While these remain important, many changes, ideas or offers will be as sudden as they are puzzling. Gather what-ever facts you can beforehand, but then back off, and allow experience to be your guide.

Health and well-being

You don’t realise it, but when in the midst of changes, you tend to hold your breath. Ordinarily, you’d have a workout to shake off the tension later. However, literally pausing to take a few deep breaths, and regularly, will make a world of difference.


22K antique-style gold necklace with 9 gemstones or Navratna stones, Joyalukkas
Stefan Lindeque

Planetary ruler: Uranus

Colour: Blue celestite or blue obsidian

Stones: Fluorite

Despite your restless, inquisitive mind, you’re also a creature of habit. So when the changes kick-started by the arrival of expansive Jupiter and practical Saturn into Aquarius, in late 2020, you may not have welcomed or even understood what was taking place. There’s no rush. You’re benefitting from their influence 2021 and 2022, often in ways as puzzling as they are unex-pected. The trick? Say no to nothing, including what’s unappealing or makes little sense. With the world around you changing, and your own priorities shifting, life’s about discovery. Deci-sions? Instead make plans, but regard them as tentative and ensure everybody understands that. This gives you the freedom to benefit from changes in the world around you but, even more, to fine-tune your understanding of the exciting options coming your way.

Love and close relationships

Despite your independent streak, those closest – family, friends or often colleagues – back you up during unsettled periods. Powerful and nurturing as those links are, be wary of taking oth-ers’ advice. They’ll be focusing on what’s safe while you’re urged to adopt an adventurous ap-proach.

Finance and business

Many Aquarians have a knack for coming up with profitable ideas. Dealing with the details or, bizarrely, figuring out ways you’ll benefit personally is another matter. However, with powerful planetary activity accenting this, what you set up now could benefit you handsomely, and for ages.

Health and well-being

You thrive on the freedom that health brings, so begrudgingly do what’s necessary to keep fit. It’s time to discover something you truly love doing, even if it takes a while. Then do it. The freedom the resulting fitness gives you, will be of endless benefit.


Amethyst and diamond neckpiece, earrings and ring in 18K gold, Sky Jewellery
Stefan Lindeque

Planetary ruler: Neptune

Colour: Shades of the sea

Stones: Green or blue amethyst, pearl, aquamarine

Rarely has there been a year more suited to your flexible, intuitive, yet demanding nature. When you believe in something or somebody, you’ll do all you can to make things work. How-ever, as you’ll discover, and in a range of settings, things are more complicated than you ex-pect. The secret? Be patient. Often it’s about taking time to understand changes, and how you or others will benefit. But, also, as you proceed, you’ll discover completely new ideas or options or, possibly, meet interesting people. Knowing that, regard even simple plans as an experiment – one that will, at least, be rewarding. What’s most important, is to be aware the unexpected will reshape both plans and your thinking. Once that’s clear, everything else will make sense. Final decisions? They can wait, possibly until 2022.

Love and close relationships

Your biggest challenge is spotting the difference between those who enjoy complaining, and there are many, and individuals who really are struggling and would benefit from your support. Once that’s clear, you’ll be able to make your own plans and set long-range goals.

Finance and business

This is a frequent challenge. It’s learning to spot worthwhile ideas, plans or investments, those that are a worthwhile risk, versus the ideas or demands of those who need rescuing. In the past you’ve wasted time and money on the latter. This year, you realise you’ve finally learnt to say no.

Health and Well-being

While you feel wonderful when you’re eating well and doing something to wake up your mus-cles, it’s easy to be distracted. Especially now. However, during 2021, you’ll need the physical power and emotional focus that comes with being in good shape. The secret? Do it with a pal.


Styling by Indu Saksena Bedi

Location courtesy: InterContinental Dubai – Festival City

Model: Magda at MMG Models

Hair & Make-Up: Ruchi Sharma,

Clothes courtesy: The Arab Crab @thearab_crab. Prices fromDh300

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