For the first time in its 22-year history, Pantone has released a brand new shade as the official colour of the year. Called Very Peri P 17-3938, it is a beautiful blend of periwinkle blue hue with a vivifying violet red undertone. It’s expressive, dynamic and very creative and as a representative from Pantone says, it turns a mood into a colour. While the blue denotes a certain aloofness, the hint of red violet adds excitement and makes the colour inviting. The shade, the Pantone representative explains, reflects our state of mind that is battling Covid fatigue and is hoping to embrace life and its many joys as soon as normalcy returns. 

While decoding the colour, I believe the rich dose of blue has a calming impact on the mind, making it perfect for decorating your bedroom, living room as well as outdoors, and the hint of red injects a sense of playful freshness, enlivening a space through striking colour combinations.

But don’t let its versatility fool you. Since Very Peri is a strong colour, it should be used in small doses either with complementary colours such as green or with shades from the same family – think blues and reds. The right balance of colour tones will enliven any space with a playful and aesthetic freshness simply because of the sheer dynamism of this colour.

Very Peri is a strong colour, so it should be used in small doses either with complementary colours or with shades from the same family, says Namisha

In mood to step out of your comfort zone and risk it a little bit? Here is a shortlist of complementary colours you can use along with Very Peri to ensure you don’t commit a design faux pas.

1. Neutral: Neutrals like grey, beige and other warm tones go great with Very Peri as they together give you a very calming and balanced effect; in unity they bring about a freshness into the room. So if we do the large areas like walls, ceilings and big furniture pieces in varied neutral tones and add on accents like cushions, throws, candles etc. in Very Peri, it would be safe at the same time giving your space a dramatic edge.

2. White: Very Peri can be paired with the ethereal white for a fresh, clean makeover. Remember, white needs to be the dominant colour and Very Peri should only be used as an accent colour.

3. Pink: Pairing pinks with Very Peri creates a harmonious, cohesive look. This is simply because they are analogous colours, as they sit next to each other on the colour wheel. Very Peri can be combined with a lighter, darker or brighter shade of pink depending on how bold an impact you wish to create. Again the accents can be in the form of smaller decorative items like cushions, vases, throws etc. You could do bigger pieces, but maybe few, keeping the rest of the palette neutral.

4. Blue: You can also pair Very Peri with shades of blue simply because it has undertones of this dynamic colour. If you’re wanting to create a wow effect and willing to be adventurous, then think of creating zen spaces dominated by neutral hues. Also consider layering different shades stemming from the Very Peri shade. You could add furniture, pillows and other small accessories starting from dark purple, passing by Very Peri and then graduating on to lilac or lavender.

5. Orange and yellow: Pairing orange and yellow hues with Very Peri can help make each of these colours more vivid, as they are complementary and sit opposite one another on the colour wheel. It’s quite a bold statement for your interiors and can be incorporated by using Very Peri paint for instance and orange and yellow accessories such as cushions and throws, paired with neutral-coloured furniture for a balance and contrast.

6. Green: We see earthy tones around us every day and these colours paired with Pantone’s Very Peri can provide a balanced colour palette within your interiors. Use warm earthy tones as a backdrop to help Very Peri stand out as a focal point. Incorporate earthy coloured walls and wooden furniture and add on Very Peri decorative items.

Tips to make this unique colour work for you in the various parts of the house

Living room

Embrace this striking colour by either using it on your statement wall or if you wish to play safe then use it on a piece of accent furniture. Whether it’s a coffee table, a chair or even on the back of a cabinet or bookshelves, it will instantly elevate the aesthetic appeal of your living room.

For those of you who wish to use the colour to refresh their decor, opt for small accessories like vases, cushions, throws, carpets and curtains either in the shade or in complementary colours.

Moreover, the Very Peri shade fits well with different styles of design. If you smartly use the periwinkle hue, perhaps focusing on one accent piece or item, can change the look of the space and make it very new-age and chic.


When paired with green and other earthy tones, Very Peri is a lovely colour for your outdoor decor. Liven up your outdoor furniture which is in neutral shades by introducing dynamic periwinkle accessories. From scatter cushions, table cloths, table runners and napkins to ceramicware, crockery and other accessories, it is a great way to add some fun and luxury to your otherwise monotonous outdoor space.


Since Very Peri is a versatile colour that has a calming effect, it can be used generously in the bedroom. For bold impact, turn your ceiling in the bedroom into your statement wall and use the colour there, keeping the colour palette of the rest of the room neutral, using small accessories in the shade around the room. Else, add pillows. beddings, carpets, cushions etc in the colour, either in geometric pattern or in soft floral prints depending on your style preference for a refreshed look. 

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